Beyond Dream and Time: A Dream Cat Adventure

Started by BlackCatSpirit, Sun 14/04/2024 19:58:27

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I'm happy to present you the english version of my little game...

Beyond Dream and Time
Translated by Ramorama

We are in Dream Cat City, a place beyond dreams and time.

An old book from the field of dream studies is in a terrible state: tattered pages, faded letters - not even the title of the book can be reconstructed. Librarian Mia-Pergamenta is forced to take action.

So she travels to the constellation of the cat's head to confront the Dream Cats' council of elders with this problem. Because as soon as a work of dream lore is lost forever, that ancient feline civilization threatens to collapse. But perhaps helpful clues can be found and a replacement copy can be placed in its paws?

In this little but unusual adventure, Mia meets numerous cats who help her in her search and gains insights into the party scene of Dream Cat City, among other things.

- Free and in English and German.
- Mini adventure with easy puzzles and witty dialogues.
- One playable cat and encounters with around 9 other cats.
- simply NO human characters.
- two mini side quests or rather bonus puzzles.
- lots to discover. (show the cats your inventory items!)
- atmospheric mp3 music vs. old-fashioned pixel graphics.

---an episode from the Interactive Short Collection---

Download it for free at! :smiley:


This was a sweet little game and fun to play. The game play was logical and I liked the graphics and text. Well done!


I helped my friend to translate this game and it is really cute! I recommend this game. Thanks @CaptainD for proofreading and testing!

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