CGA games introscreens screensaver v1.2

Started by arj0n, Fri 20/02/2015 23:55:15

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CGA games introscreens screensaver

A hommage to the 4-color CGA DOS games era (1982-1994).

* Shows random intro screens, waiting/loading screens, menu screens and deadscreens of CGA DOS games.
* Covers over 1000 DOS game titles
* Contains over 1200 CGA screenshots, all 640x400
* Shows game info (title, a.k.a title, release year, OS [dos/pc booter], game categories, publisher, developer)
* Enable/disable game categories (like action, adventure, racing...)
* Set game information (show above or below the screens, show no info)
* Set game info text color (5 types)
* Set duration of shown screen
* Autosave/restore
* Contains 15 music tracks (all taken from cracktro's released back in '89-'94)
* OS Support:
   - Windows 98, 98SE & windows ME: use KernelEx v4.5.2 and run it under XP mode.
   - Windows XP up to Windows 8.1.

* proper resizing + bit depth of all sprites. Project size reduced from 1.3Gb to 370Mb.
* Bug fix in sprite listing.

Ready for a trip down memory lane?



* It's covered on PCGAMER, read it here: CGA Games Screensaver pays homage to the four-color era.

Screenshot 1 - Menu:


Screenshot 2 - Saver running with gameinfo above the screen:


Screenshot 3 - Saver running with gameinfo below the screen:


Screenshot 4 - Saver running with no gameinfo:





Well, this is fantastic, but all of the backgrounds have a filtered resampling rather than just nearest neighbour scaling. I think straight doubled pixels would not only look better, they'd probably compress better too :/. I love it though, I really do. I've had it going for most of the evening.


absolutely fascinating! + everything gurok said. Like... did I just download 1 GB of 4 color images? But worth every bit ;-D


Congrats on your screensaver finished! Gonna check it right now.
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Thanx guy's :)

UPDATE: v1.1 released.
* proper resizing + bit depth of all sprites. Project size reduced from 1.3Gb to 370Mb. Download size: 52Mb.
(on demand of Gurok & Selmiak, thanx for pointing out Gurok)

See first for full info.


David Ostman

Oh wow, this is great :) I'd love to have something like this running on my first generation iPad that's barely usable for anything anymore other than read ebooks.



Thank you, Bici.

The data-mining for the shown game info was also a huge task to get properly done.
Well, I'm happy with the result.


This is amazing btw, thanks for sharing, I was looking forward to this, well done, sir!
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Wow, awesome PCGamer wrote about this ;-D
Thanx for sharing Catch22Alk3.

Thanx for the kind words, Duel. :)


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