Dexter Morning Routine

Started by AnasAbdin, Tue 10/03/2015 15:26:10

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Dexter Morning Routine

The idea is to complete Dexter's morning routine in the correct order before the music ends. There are three difficulty levels missing around with music duration, objects placements, and wait period events... Enjoy! :-D

This embedded video is the optimal solution of the game [spoiler alert!]:



As someone, who has never seen a single full episode of the show, I found it utterly confusing and scored a whopping -130 points :cheesy:
I think I got like 2 things right by just randomly doing stuff.

Great and original idea though, I'm sure that fans of Dexter will really enjoy this little treat.


Thanks Hobo for trying ;) try different difficulties levels to learn where points are gained. Or watch the video :P


Woot Awesomeness thanks for the game:) I look forward to giving it a try
Please feel free to check out we got a little something for everyone


Thanks Theonlyjb ;-D Hope you try it too.

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