Don't Ice Your Cool (version 1.2)

Started by Hobo, Fri 03/08/2018 22:17:08

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Come and help this tiny EGA character escape from an icy predicament:

Also, throw fish in a barrel:

The original version of Don't Ice Your Cool was made in four days for the June 2018 MAGS competition "Ice". It can still be downloaded from here.

This is version 1.2 with some additional animations, puzzles, interactions and a secret after-credits scene.
It's still a very short and simple game even with the updates, but hopefully offers a few minutes of fun and enjoyment.



Some how I missed the original. Very well done Hobo, great animations and just a fun little adventure. Looking forward to see what else is in store :)


New version up! One of the players found a game ending bug, so I took care of that.
And also fixed some typos, added up and down walk cycles and another small animation instead of the fade out/in.



Lovely game, sweet animations, very nice palette and great after-credits scene!!


I remember this game very well and look forward to playing this updated version  (nod)


Thanks for the comments, arj0n and Slasher, glad to see it's still getting plays.

@Slasher: If you only played the original MAGS version, then yes, there are some changes and additions, but compared to the 1.1 version there's not much else besides the above animation, so it might not really be worth a replay, but then again... it's only like 5 minutes or so :)

Also, a big thanks to the person, who bothered to play and rate it for the AGS Panel Rating, it's crazy to see that it's the only rated game in the past 2-3 years


I was going today through some AGS games I downloaded over the last couple of weeks and this one was among them. I just wanted to say that I never played the original version but loved absolutely everything about this one (the palette, the animation etc.).

Maybe it's just me, but given the "icy" setting and the colour of the main character's coat, I couldn't stop thinking about Ice Climber on NES ;)


Thanks for trying the game, Pogwizd!
Yeah, that Ice Climber comparison totally make sense, similar setting with a limited palette and low resolution. And who knows, maybe I was even subconsciously influenced by it, certainly played the game a bunch in my childhood.

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