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Started by selmiak, Tue 18/02/2014 00:43:10

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So how can you make a game even simpler than Floaty Rog' or Flappy Bird?

Just play Don't Push The Button and resist the temptation!

* one huge, bad and tempting red button
* some more colors
* a nifty timer
* options and customisation even more useless than the game itself

Stay tuned for the DLC extension pack that does nothing at all!

made with AGS 3.3.0



QuoteSorry, access forbidden, error 403


I was able to download the game.  After struggling a bit with the interface (through random clicking I somehow managed to make the button disappear), I think I've at long last mastered the game.  I couldn't hear any sound, though, despite fiddling with the settings.  I liked how the timer re-e-a-l-l-y made it seem urgent to press the button. 


Downloaded without problems*. Started game.

Countdown starts.

1.00: Pushed Button.
1.25: Pushed Button some more.
5.10: Figured out that this game may not allow me to push the button.
12.22: Found options and made button invisible, but felt that this robs the game of temptation.
33.12: Realized how meta the game is.
60.00: Best. AGS. Minute. Ever.
82.12: Watching button now. So soothing. So red.
99.02: I wonder if Dieter Hallervorden ever foresaw this game.
--- counting ---

* I also have neither sound nor music. I bet I need to push the button to get them, but I can't. Because this is a game where you DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON!


I'm currently playing the meta-game, "Don't Download Don't Push The Button".  Basically, the more people talk about how much they're not pushing the button, the more I am compelled to download this title.


I already failed at don't download, don't play and don't push. Is there any point to this? Is something going to happen eventually? I'm not going to let this run for half an hour :)


A deceptively simple concept set in the Cold War years with tensions running high - amid the geopolitical turmoil, one person can keep the peace or unleash hell at the push of a big, shiny red button. Play as Soviet or American using the SAME RED BUTTON.  Amazing. 8-)

Crimson Wizard

Quote from: Khris on Tue 18/02/2014 13:30:34I'm not going to let this run for half an hour :)
Fear not! Since AGS 3.3.0 you can force the multitasking mode by putting this into acsetup.cfg:
Code: text


Then you just alt+tab and leave it for a week or two :D.


...has anyone here played Progress Quest? :D


I still cannot download it, but anyway, seeing all these curious replies here, I may instead play the AGS classic Rodekill again, which already has a proper "DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON" sequence in it.


Countdown at 103.45. I AM the button now.

Selmiak, dude, what have you DONE! :-D


Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.
- Confucius

Thousands of years of wisdom simplified in that Matisse-meet Dali-meet-Dadaism-game.
Short, but how instructive. If all AGS game were like that, the world would be a nicer place. (And the tech forum will be empty) :D
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Jeez! Has the Human race learnt nuffin.

Having said this...
I Pushed the button 173 times.
Got bored, hoping for world annihilation... Pressed ESCAPE and hung myself using a G-string from my guitar.


You have to laugh (laugh)

Now I know where I have been going wrong all these years (nod)

Amusement to resist....

Paul Franzen

What's the longest anyone's gone so far without pushing the button?
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Quote from: Paul Franzen on Fri 07/03/2014 14:26:27
What's the longest anyone's gone so far without pushing the button?

Does it count if you haven't downloaded the game?
Can you count not pressing the button retrospectively?

Paul Franzen

No no, this is important--someone needs to let it run for like a year. I can imagine after that, the player receives one point.

Then you have to do it again.
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Quote from: Paul Franzen on Fri 07/03/2014 15:19:28
Then you have to do it again.

Will I get a second point then? Otherwise it would be point-less.

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