Fridge Follies

Started by Baron, Mon 22/06/2015 04:35:49

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Quote from: MiteWiseacreLives! on Fri 26/06/2015 03:28:09
Oh let's not forget your ego, Baron!
I nominate thee for Prime Minister of Canada and asketh that thou face be imprintedeth upon all Arm & Hammer Refrigerator Packs in thee Land!!!!!!!!

Why not my fearsomely burly arms? :P



I don't think I've laughed that much in such a short time for years!!!

I especially like how you got away with the:

If anyone overly PC ever complained it's easy to claim that it was just their imagination, and that nothing in that direction was even meant by it ..... ;)


Thanks, Mandle! The Sauerkraut was a lot of fun to write. I wish we'd had more time to put some of the other foods in the fridge, but since it's MAGS, we had to leave a lot of them on the cutting room floor. The only "non-essential" character who didn't get edited out was the hot sauce, because I loved him too much to toss him out. :wink:

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