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Gobyworld is now out on Steam for free!
You can also play on Itch or at www.Gobyworld.com

An absurd point-and-click adventure, where you help Goby, a piece of swallowed gum, in his quest to find freedom beyond the digestive system. Transforming the folky myth that swallowed gum remains in the stomach for seven years-- Gobyworld lets you experience the misadventures of an anthropomorphized gum named Goby.

  • Use mouse, WASD and keyboard to play.
  • Play time is around 30 minutes.
  • Explore seven levels and fifteen rooms including the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum/anus, esophagus and mouth.
  • Meet tummy characters and collect tummy items.

Thank you to the AGS forum community who helped with numerous questions. I hope you all enjoy!


This looks totally bonkers, and I already love the dog following Goby around. Will definitely play it when I get a chance.
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Just finished playing it, and the absurdity made me smile the whole way through. I love Mallory. I love the worm in the desert.

I like the snowglobe smashing and random bi-flag trading. I both love and hate the "kissing bridge."

Overall, it was a surreal and strange way to spend 20 minutes. I'm not sure exactly what I just experienced, but I enjoyed it.

I did find a few possible bugs:

In the first room, it is possible to walk up onto the dresser or bed and get stuck there. I had to restart the game because I couldn't get down.

After you open the treasure chest, if you click on it again, Goby still says "I need a key."

The minifig's arms on the fish hook seem very difficult to click on, enough that I thought you couldn't click on them at first. But I might have been confused by what was arms and what was hook, so others might not have that issue.

Movement by left-clicking the mouse is possible in addition to using the WASD keys. Is mouse-based movement intentional? In any case, leaving the esophagus by this method is not possible as the inventory window popping down blocks the exit. The W key works to get past it, though.


I also love when the music starts going "Goby goby goby." Made me laugh a lot.
They/them. Here are some of my games:


The walkable areas are kind of weird. I can walk on the bed side table. Haven't finished the game yet, seems cool so far.  8-)


Yes, the walkable areas in the first room are a bit strange to accommodate for the animation of Goby smoking the cigarettes.

Thanks for pointing out the other things. I'm glad you enjoyed how bizarre it was :0)

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