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I hope that I am allowed to announce a game that will interest very few, if any, of you. It is aimed at a limited audience because:

  • It's a commercial game
  • It's for elementary school students
  • It's in Greek

It's an educational game, for children aged 6-12. I developed it in association with a team of educators, hoping that it will prove to be a fun learning experience and that it will allow me to teach children what an adventure game is. Featuring an original story that draws children's attention, elegant colorful graphics, puzzles that will put their minds to test and a large sum of questions from their school's curriculum, the game helps the children learn while they're too busy having fun to realize it.

The story begins on a distant planet, where two alien scientists are summoned to a council of wise beings. We learn that they consider their homeland to be too boring and barren, and they wish to begin a search for a colorful planet. The two scientists, the heroes of our story, will lead this expedition aided by an all-purpose robot called Gongbot. Unfortunately for them, their spaceship malfunctions right before they crash-land on Earth, and their robot is shattered to pieces.

Gongbot plays like a classic 3rd person point & click adventure game. You walk around the area, click on hotspots to get a description, interact with your environment and pick up any object you can. You can switch between the male and female character at any point, at the press of a button. The game features professional voice acting recorded at a studio, as well as musical scores specifically hand picked to match the theme and appeal to children of that age.

In order to find all the missing pieces, the heroes will soon realize that they will need to cooperate with the fauna and flora of the woods. They will need to listen to them and help them in any way they can.

In addition to the puzzles that they need to solve, players are often asked to answer multiple choice questions. If the children select the wrong answer, they will hear a hint and they will be presented with a new question until they get it right. First and Second Grade students only have two options to choose from, while older student have four. There is a different set of questions per grade, which are displayed at random. That increases the game's replayability, as it's essentially a different game every time you start over.

The game's website is https://gongbot.gr.

This is my third AGS game, after Other Worlds and Diamonds in the Rough.


It certainly looks nice and kids-friendly.  (nod) Congratulations on the release! I hope you reach a lot of Greek kids.


Congrats on the release and I hope you reach your intended market - my kids are in the target age group and it definitely looks like something they would enjoy if they could understand Greek.


Thanks, guys. It was a pleasure to work with AGS again, 14 years after my last game, and a challenge to have children (including my 9 year old daughter) as beta testers.


I really love the idea of your game.
The graphics look great.
Maybe one day in English?

Congratulations on the release! :)

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