Headbanger's Heaven - A Rock & Roll Adventure

Started by Frodo, Sun 22/12/2019 21:46:24

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Hey Lorenzo.  Thanks for playing my game.  I'm really glad you enjoyed it.   :grin:
And I hope you're not too tired from walking up and down all those stairs in the mansion.   :tongue:

The manager was definitely being a pain in the a**   :=

Jason is very picky when it comes to cushions.   :wink:


I am playing it now, so far I found it very cool, specially if it is your first game, the music is a bit repetitive but overall the game has been fun, I am trying to start making something on AGS myself but I guess the hard part is just to start doing it lol, thanks again for the game :D


I spent a lot of time playing this and it's overall a really good game, especially for a first release!

The gameplay is a nice twist on the "complete the list" theme and any rock lover would be able to relate to this. I found there to be a LOT of walking (I set the game speed to the fastest) and a lot of the game environment is repetitive (i.e. a lot of similar rooms with similar decor and bathrooms). The flow of the game is pretty good, with being given tasks by characters you meet.

Unfortunately, I did not finish the game. I found that I was spending too much time restoring from crashes rather than playing that I felt that I would pass on this one until the bugs are ironed out.

As I said, great effort and great idea for a first game. I do hope to see more releases from this author.


Gendhi, thanks for playing the game, I'm so glad you're enjoying it.   :grin:

Shadow, and anyone else who's experiencing crashes.  I'm really sorry about the problems.   :sad:
I'm trying to figure out what's wrong in the code, but it's kind of tricky, since I'm not seeing any crashes myself. 
I hope you can still enjoy the game anyway, and I'll keep trying to figure out what's wrong. 


Congrats on releasing the game.

I like Jason Miller's perky lil' butt!


Hey everyone   :smiley:

I've been playing around with the game code, giving it a new & improved ending.  You can now actually do stuff in that last location, instead of just watching a cut scene.   :cheesy:

Also, some of you said that the game crashed for you, when you
gave apple juice to the Manager
.  I *think* I fixed that problem now.   :cool:

If anyone wants to give it another try, that would be great.   :grin:
You can download it from HERE
It's 88 MB. 
I also updated link in the first post. 

Old Saved Games won't work with this version. 

Have fun.   :=


Congrats on releasing your first game, Frodo. It looks fun. \m/

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