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Help Knight and Squire do stuff.

Very short game.

Download Here

Edit: Forgot to say, I made a lame game beginning of year for a coding competition, this is the remake of it. I don't know if this one is better or lamer, but eitherway here it is.


Nice graphics! I seem to be so dumb that im stuck:
I have squire on the roof with the broken flag. What next?
- They are all from AGS coloringball


KristjanMan: please use the hints-forum for those questions...
...and use the sheet from the bed on the flag

Anyways, I'm almost through, I think. Looks great so far! Fun game!


Yay, that was a fun five minutes. Lovely graphics, characters inspired by discworld at all?


An enjoyable game! ^_^
I liked how the knight refused to even bend over and pick up that rock, and made his squire do it instead... and then made his squire carry the princess... what a jerk!
The graphics and music were both charming and fit the game very well.  A great job all around--and Buloght, no it is not at all "lame" ^_^

i k a r i

The graphics are beautiful, really. I loved this game, thanks a lot.
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Nacho speaking of Bush.

Rui 'Trovatore' Pires

Throughly enjoyable. Somehow, I kept being reminded of Gobliiins - the graphic style, the rooms' layout, the interface... is that intentional?
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Shane 'ProgZmax' Stevens

Very nice work on the backgrounds, Buloght.  The low saturation and color selection remind me of a lot of old Amiga games.  This is a good thing!


Really enjoyable!

Thanks buloght.

Oh! DUH! I put a comment, but forgot to mention the lovely and really well made music by Chris-Scorposer! It was very well made and suited the game greatly. :)


Thanks all  :)

Niko: I didn't want to bother chris with the music for such a small game, so I rather got unoriginal music. The music was all RIPPED!  :)

Rui: No it's intentional, I got the idea first from gobliins, though I didn't use their style, I stole all the colours from gobliins.  :) I did also try and make miniture characters (slightly bigger than theirs), I guess trying to get a slight gobliins feel.

Thanks ikari!

Thanks mashpotato!

Thanks chicky :), the characters weren't inspired by discworld (I think not), but that first puzzle is definitely a reference too it. But the first time I made the game (not the remake) I certainly had Discworld as inspiration, so I guess then yes :).

Thanks for playing Kristjanmam.

Thanks dkh.

Thanks progz!


Maybe then you should get his name out of the readme file, cause it mentions Scorposer as the guy who did music and sound. :)

anyways, lovely game, the fact remains, lovely game.



As soon I saw the game author I realised it was bound to be quality stuff. Excellent graphics, original gameplay and nice humor.

Well done, buloght.

PS. One small critique: some of the hotspots are a tiny bit small. It was hard for me to find out how


to get up to the library or into the ogre's tower "opening". Finding the books and the candles also took a bit of mousing over.
It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog.


Oops, thanks for letting me know Nikolas, chris was going to do music, but I decided not to bother him with something as small as this game. Thanks niko!

Thanks aussie! I agree, I'll make them bigger. :)


Thank's buloght for another excellent game since your Family Treasure!
Very nice graphics, the music fits well,
and above all no bugs  ;D

Really looking forward to the next one!

Thumbs up, very good job!!!


Yes, it is excellent. Nice graphics and good jokes. Also hope to see more of this soon


Hi, just played this cute little game.
Had a lot of fun during the afternoon.
Have to send my congrats, as graphics, puzzles and humour were just fantastic!

Hope you will do a longer game soon!


Very nice little game I found some of the navigation a little frustrating; how you couldn't clearly see some of the entrances or exits to the rooms.
When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.


Thanks Petra  :), sthomannch and guest!

Magintz, thanks for the feedback, I can understand how some of the exists are unclear, I wanted the idea of a cutaway-twisted-room type of game ... or something like, I didn't really design clear doors in there I guess, I guess I thought the rooms are very small and the exits would be obvious as there are only a few of them anyway  :) I think the opening to the tower might be the less obvious, ... I think.


That was fairly awesome. What I disliked was that the descriptions of situations and things wasn't always clear.

Especially with the ogre it was very unclear, as "That will wake him gently, but it's too soon" doesn't give me a single clue as to WHAT it's too soon for.

But other than that it was nice :)
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Played this last night, Buloght - and I really loved it. Neat idea, lovely graphics, just long enough... Top stuff!

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