MAGS September: Charamba

Started by miguel, Thu 09/10/2014 13:40:56

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I couldn't make it on time for last month's MAGS competition, still I present you:

PG18 - do not play if you have kids around


The theme was Cross-Country and my mind took me somewhere...
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YAY!!! Downloading!!!

Started playing and:

I'm loving the Breaking Bad feel of the game so far, but I found a bug. After I die in the first shoot-out with the bandit and I restart the game then the next time I meet the bandit it counts me as already dead before the shoot-out even starts. It seems the game is not refreshing my 3 lives when I restart.

Just finished the game and I must say it was a lot of fun! Nice Tarantino thing going on with it too (Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill)...Found one more bug: After the Sherrif thing the button for Inventory/Save/Load Menu never reappears...

But awesome game and great music!!!

Bad-ass chicks with cool cars: How can you not love that combination???


Wow Miguel, looks Amazing!
Unfortunately I'm moving because of my job, and can't play it right now...
I'll download this WE! I'll let you know!
Can't wait to play it!


nice little game! :)
Pitty you didn't made the deadline, but really nice play and sound track. Even like the rough art work! (nod)
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Congrats on the release! I have to say, despite it being a bit buggy and sligthly crude gameplaywise, I really enjoyed the mood of the game and see potential for growth! It managed to immerse me to a point and I would enjoy playing another game with a similar setting and general mood. Perhaps a sequel? :)


Thanks guys, sorry for the lack of refinement and bugs, you were the official testers! :=
I know I'm braking AGS decency protocol but forgive me, it's just a delayed MAGS but also me coming back to game making, something that if it wasn't for MAGS I would probably not do in the short time. So thanks again for finishing the game. I'm fixing those bugs right now.
Pablo, I'm in for this months MAGS, so you'll get your sequel in a few weeks. ;)

EDIT: I've fixed the bugs you reported and forgot to fix some stuff as well, but it is better now. This didn't sound good as well.
Working on a RON game!!!!!


This is a pretty cool game and a sequel is very appreciated! :D


Thank you selmiak, I'm working on the sequel.
Working on a RON game!!!!!

Jim Reed

Very nice, the soundtrack is spot on! :grin:


At least I got something right Jim ;)
Working on a RON game!!!!!


Miguel I played it!
I found the time.

One of the best AGS short games i played in the last year!
I love the mood! I agree with Mandle: TARANTINO is the key-word!

One request: can you share the music in MP3 or OGG format? Create a zip folder and share the link to download it! soundtrack rocks!

It's a pity you didn't finish it for the MAGS....
so, I can't vote it... BUT I VOTE FOR A SEQUEL (as suggested)

EDIT: why it isn't in the database? I was looking for it to give a vote.


Always generously kind, I'll put on a zip with the soundtrack when I release the October game. Yes, it's the sequel.
I'm putting the game in the database now.
Working on a RON game!!!!!

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