Shifters (entered into Ludum Dare Compo)

Started by reismahnic, Fri 22/04/2016 04:52:52

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Hello, I made a game called Shifters for Ludum Dare's 48 hour Compo challenge.
It is a solo project; I had under 48 hours to make the entire thing.

It is a story driven visual novel in which a paranoid scientist with a flair for the dramatic teaches a seminar on the existence of Shape Shifters who live among us.

The game's page is located here:
I would also love it if you checked out my website, which has my other work, located here:

Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy it!

* Mods resized screenshots

Monsieur OUXX

Why is it that people never post screenshots of their game in the "Completed Games" thread?
Do they realize that it probably divides the potential audience tenfold?
Shardlight got that.

PS: That's not a rant, it's just that it makes me sad to see all these great games not even tried by AGSers, only because of a lack of common sense by the developer. So much effort spent into the game, why skip the tiny final effort of making the game sexy?



I loved the game, going to vote in the Ludum Dare page, too! You should add screenshots to this topic, this game deserves to be played by many people.

I didn't get something.
It says that the game takes place in Chicago, but then New York is mentioned.
Games are art!
My horror game, Self


Unfortunately in the past I've had trouble with posting screenshots; I have had issues regarding the image size.
My knowledge of HTML is... nonexistent, and I've not really known how to respond to that as a result.
I've added screenshots, regardless. Obviously excluding them was a bad call. :)
Thank you SO much for playing this everyone. It means a lot to me, as does voting for it on the Ludum Dare site.
Regarding the Chicago/New York thing, I'll be honest, it was a complete brain fart that happened while working in the middle of the night. I'll be patching it. ;)
Actually fun fact, the game's setting IS supposed to be Chicago, but the train's visual design is based on an older New York subway train design, so that's why the confusion happened in the writing.

Monsieur OUXX

Yeyyyyyy! Now it's so much more appealing ;)
I had down;oaded it anyways! Congrats for finishing the game.


I just gave the game a try, and it is very cool!

Well done in creating it under such a strict time limit!

I tried several choice-paths and was very impressed how you got the dialogue context-correct in each different case: Well done!

The game concept was also very interesting and seemed to only scratch the surface of what could be a deep and involving plot in a further developed game. Any plans to do so?


Thanks Monsieur, I really do appreciate the advice.
Mandle, thank you! I love it when people play a game I make, but I EXTRA love it when people explore its dialogue paths! (laugh)
I may revisit the scenario someday, but to be honest, I'm just as likely to do something completely different. I just have too many stories I want to tell!


Great little game! And with so many options! 8-0

Good job!(nod)
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
The judging is done for Ludum Dare, and Shifters did very well! Highlights included #92 in Mood, #118 in Theme, #122 in Humor and #205 overall!
Very happy, and determined to make something even cooler next time!

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