The Grug Legends... Full-length fan-game!

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Fan-game based on the children's stories 'Grug'...

Deep within the Rain-forests of northern Australia, trouble is brewing... Start as 'Grug' the being made of flesh and wood OR as his best pal 'Snoot' the echidna and navigate your way through a world of humorous puzzles... Take yourself on an adventure of magic and wonder in this full-length adventure game with many playable characters... Walk, hop, swim, slither, crawl and even fly to stop the evil humans destroying your forest home. Using a custom Lucas-arts style interface such as in the early 'Monkey Island' series enjoy a combination of 'borrowed' and custom made graphics and sound. Enjoy the sounds of the forest and take in the awe of Australian landscape paintings as backgrounds, over 10 playable characters, a mini-game (see if you can find it), cameos, cameos, cameos AND cheap slapstick style humor add up for one epic adventure in.... THE GRUG LEGENDS!

My children and I conceived the idea and after 2 years in the making... we finally have a real adventure game that we made together at home!!  Thankyou AGS for everything!

Please don't hesitate to let me know if all the bugs are fixed... the kids found most of them through sheer illogical play!

We couldn't have done it without the 'Bernard Starter Pack'... as believe it or not this game was Bernard's house!

Give it a go! (nod)


WOW! This sounds amazing!

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Sorry dude, I am new to this whole thread thing...  I still don't understand how to get a pic from my computer to appear here.  Oh well, if one simply clicks on the link they will see the pics there.  Thanks!;)


Quote from: Smarty on Mon 05/06/2017 09:37:05
Sorry dude, I am new to this whole thread thing...  I still don't understand how to get a pic from my computer to appear here.  Oh well, if one simply clicks on the link they will see the pics there.  Thanks!;)
Try that :
Code: ags

My first game : I Want Out!



Thanks people!!!!


This looks great, will definitely give it a try.


You can enter game options by pressing F5 then:
Speichern = Save Game
Laden = Load Game
Spielen = Cancel
Beenden = Quit Game

We were unable to figure out how to change this menu into english...

Use the 'Winsetup' file in the zipped folder to choose your screen options. Play around until you find the option best suited to your monitor.

Enjoy! :-D

Happy World Environment Day!!!


Those screenies look like SO MUCH FUN!!!

Maybe go back and edit your first post to include them...

I'll be playing this game ASAP!


Soooo... anyone had a go yet? 


I am considering writing a walkthrough if anyone is interested?
Or... if anyone needs hints or tips let me know and I'll help you along.:wink:


Quote from: Smarty on Sun 23/07/2017 08:35:07
I am considering writing a walkthrough if anyone is interested?
Or... if anyone needs hints or tips let me know and I'll help you along.:wink:

Yes iam interested in a walkthrough :)


Quote from: peter on Sun 23/07/2017 13:51:13
Quote from: Smarty on Sun 23/07/2017 08:35:07
I am considering writing a walkthrough if anyone is interested?
Or... if anyone needs hints or tips let me know and I'll help you along.:wink:

Yes iam interested in a walkthrough :)



Start with Snoot (Easy)

Snoot awakens under a fallen tree branch with an old saw in it, Mrs Kangaroo is nearby.  Snoot will say something about finding 3 ant nests or termite mounds to eat before he'll go exploring...

1) Finding food..  you'll notice an inventory item that says 'Food' in your possession. This part is non-linear and can be done in any order.
(a) Go West (left of screen) and continue through the next two screens until you reach the 'Rocky Rapids' a large Banksia tree is nearby.  Eat the Bull ants underneath.
(b) Go East (right) until you pass Mrs Kangaroo again. Cross over the log bridge and head south (down) the trail. On the next screen there is an Old Log.  Hit the log, Open the Log, Eat Bull ants. Watch short cutscene.
(c) Go West (left) through the next three screens until you see running water and a Termite mound nearby.  Hit the Termite mound, Open the Termite mound, Eat Termites.

You should now have Three things in your stomach. Return to the screen with the Log bridge East of Mrs Kangaroo. Snoot will automatically Go North (up) toward the now unlocked areas.  Mission 1 accomplished!

2) Finding stuff.. Now that you've eaten it's time to grab a few inventory items for later usage.  Snoot will only take limited items in his inventory. So let's get them! (Again non-linear can be done in any order)

(a) After entering the new area, Open the Dirt beneath the hollow 'Nest' Snoot will dig up a worm.  Keep this for later.

(b) Head East (Right) onto the previous screen and continue south to  where you saw Samantha. Open the 'Dirt' in the centre of this screen. Snoot will dig up a Big Worm.  Again keep this for later.

(c) Head West (left) to the next screen and Open the Dirt in the centre again. Snoot will dig up a Frypan.

(d) Head East (right) two screens and then go North (up) to the new part of the Forest where you found the little worm. You'll notice that a sapling appears in every place you dig.  Let them be, they are just for looking at.  Head West (left) onto the next screen and continue West through two more screens. Ignore the Dirt along the way.

3) Finding Grug..  You should have found Grug in the place he was spawned in the intro scene next to his smouldering trunk.  Navigate through the dialogue (you can't make a wrong choice here) and Grug will appear on your 'Switch' at the bottom right of the screen.  Give all Snoot's inventory to Grug.

4) Finding Cara..  Switch to Grug. Talk to Snoot and ask him to  'Follow me'.  Pick up Dry Grass, Pick up Callistemon tree.  Head East (right) onto and through the next screen until you reach the mother tree.  Cara is nearby. Navigate through the dialogue to discover the Legend of The Grug and recieve your map.  (At the top of your inventory) Look at map to discover the basic locations and names of each screen.  Also you'll accumulate 'Friends' each time you help a creature and complete a 'mini mission'.  Click the 'Grug' logo to exit the Map.

5) Finding Larry..  First, go to the top of the 'Mother tree' on this screen (The one where you found Cara).  Keep clicking up the tree until you reach the 'Top'.  Meet Larry, Navigate the dialogue to discover more of the back story. Afterwards click Larry to Talk to him again. Ask him to grab some Callistemon seed for you.  Grug gives larry the Callistemon flower he picked earlier and larry is on a mission!  As Larry
fly West (left) through the tree tops of the next screen and to the callistemon tree. Click the callistemon tree and Larry will pick the seed capsules.  Return East to the 'Top' of the Mother tree to deliver the seed to Grug.  As Grug head West (left) to exit the top of the Mother tree.

6) Finding Joey..  Climb back down the Mother tree and Head East until you reach Mrs Kangaroo.  As Grug Talk to her.  She will tell you about her missing Joey.  Navigate the dialogue to the end and Head back past where Snoot found Grug (East 1 screen, North 1 scr, West 5 screens)  You should see Joey on the other side of the creek.  Head south (down) to the next screen.  Go to next screen via the waterfall. Head down this screen until you see a butterfly lead you further down-stream.  Talk to Snoot and tell him to 'Stay here'.  Switch to Snoot.  Open the Dirt below.  Snoot will dig up some Roots.  Give Roots to Grug.  Switch to Grug.  Talk to Snoot and ask him to 'Follow me'.  Head back up the top of the screen and Go to the Trail on the other side of the ravine via the fallen tree.  Head West (left) onto the next screen.   At the top of the waterfall Go to the Trail.  Remember this place?  Snoot ate termites here.  Pick up the nest and Head North (up) to the previous screen.  Head West (left) to the next screen.  Give Roots to Joey, navigate the dialogue.  There are two choices at this point, if you say 'I don't remember, but it was near my home' Joey leads the way.  OR if you say 'Follow me and I'll lead you there!' Grug leads the way back to Mrs Kangaroo.  As Joey click the Rotten old tree to provide an escape route.  OR as Grug Hit the Rotten old tree.  Make your way back to Mrs Kangaroo to recieve your reward.. a Saw! (North x1, East x6)  The saw is located at the top of Grug's inventory.  Use Saw with Branch to cut some firewood.

7) Finding Shane-o..  Head West (left) two screens until you reach a small clump of Bamboo.  Use Saw with Bamboo.  Head West (left) onto the next screen and Go past the large Banksia tree, Pick up the small Banksia tree directly above.  Grug picks a flower.  Head West (left) to the waterfall on the next screen.  Pick up the Old cloth.  Head back East (right) x5 screens, then head south x1 screen, then head west x2 screens.  Here Pick up Planks and Use Saw with Reeds.  Go back East x2 screens, then Head North (up) x2 screens past Mr Possum and Northeast (up-right) once.  Here you should see a grey tree with hollows.  Use saw with Dead tree.  Navigate the dialogue to the end.  Give Banksia flower to Shane-o.  Say 'I've got a Banksia blossom for you.'  As Shane-o Go up the tree to the top hollow labelled 'perch'.  Head to the sky left or right and find your way to the Rocky Rapids.  This is Shane-o's new home.  As Grug Use Saw with Dead tree.  Gain Banksia cones and Long sticks inventory.

8) Finding a home..  From here head North (up) to Mountain trail.  Go North up the cliff trail onto the next screen atop the Snowy Mountain.  Here Pick up Puddle.  Gain Candle inventory item.  Head back East (right) onto the previous screen and cross the log bridge at the bottom.  Take the 'Hills trail' (Top left behind the tree) onto the next screen.  Talk to the Zamia palm under the rainbow.  Pick up Burrawang spike.  Pick up Vegetables.  Head East (right) onto previous screen.  Take the 'Bush trail' (bottom left) onto next screen.  Talk to Snoot and tell him 'Stay here'.  Switch to Snoot.  Open Dirt.  Give tin to Grug (scroll up Snoot's inventory until it appears).  Eat Ants under Acacia tree.  Switch to Grug.  Talk to Snoot, tell him 'Follow me'.  Pick up Acacia tree.  Head West (left) x2 screens.  Head down the screen on the far left and Go to 'Cave entrance'.  Navigate the dialogue with Mr Wombat.  Give Carrots to Mr Wombat.  The burrow is yours!

9) Building a cellar..  Go right into the burrow and Pick up Wheelbarrow.  Head outside and Go to Pile of rock to pick it up.  Go to Cave entrance.  Go to floor to put rocks down.  These are for the chimney.  Go outside again and Head North (up) x1 screen, East (right) x2 screens.  Cross log bridge and go up cliff trail onto the next screen.  At the Snowy Mountain Go to 'Big rocks' to pick them up.  Return to the burrow and go deep inside.  Click on 'Wombat bed' to install the first load of rock.  Repeat process twice more (back to Snowy mountain for more rocks).  Once completed Grug recieves a 'Shovel' inventory item located next to the Map and saw up the top.

10) Finding the top floor.. Switch to Snoot and head to the middle of the burrow.  There click on the 'Dirt' on the floor (there are two small piles of it).  Switch back to Grug and ask Snoot to 'Follow me'.  Look at 'Loose dirt' now revealed by Snoot near the small dirt piles.  Head outside.  Go to Trail on bottom left of screen.  Hit Small apple.  Follow and Pick up Small apple from pond (Don't use Snoot for this the game will dead-end!)  Head West until you reach Grug's 'Smouldering Trunk'. Open Tin, Use Tin with Smouldering trunk.  Go back to Big Red Apple.  Use Soft green bamboo with Big Red Apple.  Leave Big Red Apple here for now.  Go past Big Apple behind trees to Trail on top left of screen.  Pick up Brachychiton.  Pick up Flame-tree pods (hanging straight above Grug's head).  Head West (left) to Trail.  On next screen Pick up 'Sticks' (on ground in front of you).  Use Saw with Cabbage palm (two of them are swaying nearby in the breeze).  Use Saw with Felled cabbage palm.  Recieve 'Palm poles' inventory item.
Leave Cabbage palm leaves for later.  Return to Big Red Apple.  Pick up Big Red Apple.  Watch cutscene.  Navigate dialogue and have Cara take the Big Red Apple back to Grug's cellar.  As Grug leave the Apple for now and Use Shovel with Loose Dirt.  Open Coals in tin and Use Open tin of coals with candle.  Go to Ladder.

11) Building the top floor..  Use Shovel with Dirt on your left.  Use Shovel with Dirt above you.  Pick up Ladder.  Use Ladder with Dirt.  Use shovel with Dirt x6.  Pick up Ladder.  Use Ladder with Dirt.  Use Shovel with Dirt heap x9.  Use Dry grass with Bedroom.  Use Bed to play mini-game (this is optional).  Pick up ladder.  Use Ladder with Down hatch.  Go down the Ladder and Pick up Rocks from Floor.  Go up Ladder with Rock.  Click on 'Chimney space' to your left on floor.  Repeat process x2.  Pick up 4th Rock and Go up Ladder.  Click on floor to your left to put it down.  Pick up Ladder.  Use Ladder with Chimney space (above what you've already built).  Pick up Rock.  Click on Chimney space.  Pick up Ladder.  Use Ladder with Down hatch.  Repeat process x2.  Go down the Ladder and into the Cellar.  Eat the Big Red Apple now.  As Snoot Go outside.  Head Northwest (up-left) to the next screen.  Hit Termite mound, Open Termite mound, Eat Termites.  Head back West (left) to previous screen.  Go to Trail on bottom-right onto next screen.  Head West (left) x2 screens.  Hit Old log, Open Old log, Eat Bull ants.  Watch cutscene.  Head West (left) x2 screens.  Head South (down) to Trail down onto next screen.  Go to Waterfall to enter next screen.  Follow left edge of screen down until you see a butterfly again.  Eat Bull ants at bottom-left of screen.  Go back to Burrow.  Switch to Grug.  Pick up Apple core.  As Grug Go to the screen where the Blue Butterfly leads you down-stream again.  Take the 'Trail down' at the bottom left of screen.  Pick up Timber and return to Top floor of Burrow.  Use Timber with Kitchen space.  Go to Cellar and Use Wood slats with Door space.  Your home is Built!

12)  Finding Gurgia..  As Grug Pick up Wheel-barrow.  Head to the screen you met Mrs Kangaroo.  Outside, East (right) x4 and click on the pile of firewood you cut earlier.  Return to cellar with firewood and click on 'Firewood nook' to store it.  Click on 'Wheel-barrow park' to free your hands again.  Pick-up firewood.  Go up Ladder.  Use Open tin o' coals with Fireplace.  Head outside and Go East (right) x2.  Head North (up) x1.  Give Apple core to Mr Possum.  Navigate dialogue, say 'Do you like apple cores?'  Recieve 'Thorn' and 'Apple seeds' inv items.  Go back to Top floor Kitchen table.  Use Thorn with Kitchen table.  Use Worm (small one) with Fishing rod.  Head outside.  Go to Trail on bottom-left of screen.  Go behind trees and take Trail on far left of screen.  Head West (left) x2 screens.  Go to 'Granite rock platform' (A glitch here.. click the water beneath it to get there.)  Use Baited rod with Little fish.  (It may take you some practice, and you can try to catch other fish too.)  Use Big worm with Fishing Rod.  Use Baited rod with Big Fishy.  Enjoy the ride!  Head back to the top floor at home.  Use Fish with Frypan.  Use Fish in Frypan with Fireplace.  Use Cooked Fish with Kitchen Table.  Eat Cooked Fish.  Watch cutscene.  Go to 'Hilltop Plateau' (look at your map).  Give Acacia flowers to Gurgia.  Give Flame-tree blossom to Gurgia.  Talk to Gurgia.  Ask her to follow you.  Go back to the Bottom floor at home.

13) Creating a garden..  (a) Give ALL seeds/pods/capsules to Gurgia.  Give Nest to Gurgia.  Go to Cellar and Pick up Wheel-barrow.  Go to Dirt Heaps at bottom of Ladder.  Take load of dirt to 'Mother Tree' (Outside, East x1, West x1)  Go to 'Cleared area' to drop dirt. 
(b) Take wheelbarrow to 'Cabbage Palm Junction' (West x2, Northwest x1, North East x1)  Go to Cabbage palm leaves.  Take Load to back to 'Mother tree'.  Go to 'Empty space' (at bottom of Mother tree in shade) to drop mulch.  Repeat to drop wheelbarrow. 
(c) Return to Bottom floor Cellar.  Talk to Gurgia.  Say 'Please stay here'.  Switch to Gurgia.  Return to 'Penelope pitstop' (Outside, East x1, West x4, South x2)  Talk to Penelope and Navigate the dialogue.  Go to 'Big Green Mountain' (North x2, East x3) Talk to Pia.  Return Pia to Penelope pitstop.  Talk to Penelope.  Recieve Tea-tree seeds.  Return to 'Mother Tree'.  Switch to Grug. 
(d) Go to 'Mt Mango' (Outside, East x2, North x1, East x2).  Use Itchy bombs with Thylacine.  Pick up Rock.  Go up middle of screen to top of hill.  Note Mangoes.  Go left along ridge to 'Valley trail'.  Watch cutscene.  Look at far-left Hut.  Recieve Sling-shot.  Use Small rock with Sling-shot.  Return to Mango tree.  From top of hill Use Loaded Sling-shot with Mango on the bottom left (the darkest one).  Pick up Rock! (You really need this rock!) Pick up Mango.  Use Small rock with Sling-shot. 
(e) Head West x1, North behind stut roots to Banana tree.  Use Loaded Sling-shot with Banana bunch.  Pick up Rock! (You really need this rock!) Pick up Bananas.  Use Small rock with Sling-shot.  Head back to Burrow. 
(f) Outside, Use Loaded sling-shot with Seed cones on three right-hand trees (pick up rock and reload).  Hit left-hand tree to get seed cone down.  After you have got four Wollemi seed cones Pick up Small rock (You really need this Rock!)  Use Small rock with Sling-shot.  Use Sticks with clear space to make letterbox.  Go to Cave entrance.  Go outside.  Collect Bark package from letterbox.  Open Bark package. 
(g) Go to 'Grevillea gully' (East x1, West x4)  Talk to Mrs Kangaroo again.  Ask her to collect some Grevillea robusta for you.  As Mrs Kangaroo click on the Grevillea tree in the fore-ground.  Right-click Grug to give him the seed pods.  As Grug Use Open tin with Mud puddle.  Go to 'Mother Tree' (West x1, East x2).
(h) Climb Mother tree and talk to Larry again.  Ask him about Acacia seed.  He'll tell you about his cousin Harry.  Ask him about some Grevillea seed pods.  Grug gives Grevillea blossom to Larry.  As Larry, fly East x 3. DO NOT CLICK THE CALLISTEMON TREE - DEAD END WARNIG!! Click Grevillea robusta tree to collect seed pods.  Return to Mother tree to deliver pods to Grug.  As Grug climb down tree and Give ALL seed pods/cones/capsules and Bark package to Gurgia.  As Grug go to 'Acacia view' (East x1, North x2, East x1).  Talk to Harry in the Acacia tree.  Recieve Acacia pods. 
(i) Go to 'Log Bridge Launch' (East x3, West x1, East x1).  Go toward fore-ground and pixel search for 'Shore' on the left of the Trail.  Open Tin o' mud.  Use Reeds with Shore.  Use Long sticks with Hull.  Use Sheet with Hull n mast.  Use Spare bits o' wood with Boat.  Use Boat.  Sail West (left) until you reach fast water.  Watch cutscene.  Use Open tin with Mud Puddle.  Go to 'Rocky River Pool'  (East x2, South x1, West x2).  Use Saw with Reeds.  Return to 'Point of Laughter'.  Open tin, Use Reeds with Leaky boat.  Use Boat hull.  Go to Garden hoe.  Go to Mango Spling.  Return to 'Mother Tree'. 
(j) Give Acacia pods to Gurgia.  Use Garden hoe with ALL TEN Garden beds.  Pick up Wheel-barrow.  Click Mulch.  Go to Cabbage palm bed.  Go to empty space to drop wheel-barrow.  Return to Cabbage Palm Junction.  Give Bananas to Cassandra, Give Mango to Cassandra.  As Cassandra Go to 'Mother Tree'.  Go to 'Mystery Garden bed'.  Switch to Gurgia.  Use Seeds with appropriate Garden beds.  (Acacia pods in Acacia bed and so-on).  As Gurgia Head East (right).  Use Swamphen Nest with Water.  Return to Mother Tree and Use Nest o' water with Banksia Bed (Bottom right corner).  Repeat process for all Garden beds.  Leave screen one last time to get all the beds growing.  Switch to Grug.  Go to Logging camp (now visible at bottom centre of Mother tree screen).  Watch cutscene. 

14) The Humans..  (a) Bubba - Switch to Snoot.  Eat Ants to get past.  Switch to Gurgia.  Hit Bubba.  OR As Snoot Look at Ants.  As the Ants Go to Bubba.
(b) Syd - As Either Snoot OR Gurgia, Hit Syd the Boss.  OR as Grug use Loaded Sling-shot with Syd the Boss. (Gurgia gets captured no matter what).
(c) Hoagie - As Snoot Hit Wood.  As Henrietta Go to Hoagie.  OR as Grug Use Loaded Sling-shot with Bananas.  Pick up Small rock! (You really need this ROCK!)  Use Itchy bombs with Hoagie.  Pick up Bananas.  (Either way you need to shoot down the Bananas).  As Grug Use Cat D-11 Dozer and Go to fire.  Go to the right. 
(d) Hank the Logger - Use Bananas with Log.  Use Small rock with Sling-shot, Use Loaded slingshot with Logger.  Switch to Snoot. Hit Logger.  Switch to Grug.  Pick up Small Rock! (YOU NEED IT!) Use Small rock with Sling-shot.  Go right to the next screen.
(e) Joe - Use Spinning Jump Attack with Joe.  Use Punch with Spinning Jump Attack.
(f) Julian - Head West (left) back past the Cat D-11 Dozer and Go to the exit on the Bottom-left corner.  Use Uppercut with Julian.  Use Kick with Spinning Jump Attack.  Go to the left.
(g) Lou - Use Flying Kick with Lou.  Go to the left.
(h) Bernie - Use Uppercut with Bernie.  Exit screen left. 
(i) Klaus - Use Uppercut with Klaus.  Pick up Klaus to get lighter.  Go to the left and exit via the Forest Trail nearby. 
(j) Biff - Use Flying kick with Biff.
(k) Weird Ed - Use Saw with Dead palm tree OR use Brute strength with Vent.  Switch to Snoot.  Go to Hut and enter via Vent/hatch.  Look at Ants.  As Ants Go to Vent/hatch.  Go to Weird Ed.  Switch to Grug.  Use Brute force with door.  Go inside.  Pick up Ladder, Vines, 2 keys and Cordless drill.  Go outside.  Go to right and Pick up Thunderstick (shotgun). Go to Trail nearby.  Go to left and Use Ladder with Vent.  Use Cordless Drill with Vent.  Go to Hatch.  Use Loaded Sling-shot with Camera.  Go to Hatch.  Go to next screen on left.  Use Long vines with Door.  Go to next screen left and Use Cat D-11 Dozer.  Drive dozer to 'Open ground' at end of vines.  Pick up Vines tied to door.  Use Cat D-11 Dozer.  Drive Cat D-11 Dozer back to where you found it - the 'Dozer park'.  Go back to hut with door ripped off.  Go inside.  Watch cutscene.  Return to the 'Mother Tree' (East x1, East top exit).

15) Finding Thor..  (a) From the Snowy mountain Go to the background far left to the 'Valley trail'.  On next screen Use Boat hull with Water.  Go to Shore on upper-right.  Go inside cave.
(b) Use Small rock with Sling-shot.  Use Loaded Sling-shot with Vine (top-right of screen pixel search).  Go back down bottom of cave and use Boat hull with Shore.  Go to Rock that Vine is resting on.  Pick up Vine (Will automatically Pick up trust old rock also).  Use Boat hull with Rock.  Go to Shore.  Exit cave to the left.  Use Boat hull with Shore. 
(c) Go to the next screen East x2.  Go North into Cave-creek from here.  Go to Rocky shore (Pixel search).  Go up to Outside cave.  Go to the far top-left corner of next screen.  Head West (left) across bottom to next screen.  Go to Kangaroo Rock.  Go to creek (bottom-right).  Go East to Down-creek.  Go South to Rapids.  Go up the cliff above Grug's head to 'Up'.  Pick up Vine near Grug's feet.  Exit on Trail to the right.
(d) Head West to next screen x2.  Go to top of cliff to next screen.  Go to Cliff trail on the right.  Go to Trail West.  Go to Beach trail (bottom-right).  Use Boat hull with Beach.  Go to Cave-creek.  Go to Rocky Shore (pixel search).  Go to Outside (up).  Go up the screen to the 'Cave in cliff'. 
(e) Use Vine with Burrawang trunk.  Go down into Cave mouth below.  Go downwards until you see Thor the Thylacine.  Give Leftovers in pan to Thylacine.  Navigate dialogue.  Go to Next cavern (right).  This is the Legend cave.  Go to the right again and exit.  Go down the cliff on the left side to reach the valley floor.  Go to Ravine trail on the Bottom-right x2.  Use Boat hull with Shore.  Go to Creek (up).  Go to Peninsula (fore-ground).  Go to Trail in background.  Go up vines in rock cleft to next screen on upper right.  Head East x1.  Go inside cave and Talk to Salubris.
(f) As Salubris exit via the 'Secret exit' to your right.  On the next screen exit right again.  Go up the cliffs to Thor's cave, past the Legend cave and return to Thor.  As Grug recieve 'Hadoken'.  Go outside (up) and Pick up the vines.  Go to up.  Go to bottom of mountain and exit via cave.  Use Boat hull with  Rocky shore.  Go to Cave-creek out (right).  Go to Up-creek (right).  Go to Up-creek (left).  Go to Water at bottom of screen to exit Boat.  Go to Mountain Trail (left).  Go to Mountain top (top-left).  Use Long vines with Boat hull.  Use Parachute boat with sky.  Watch cutscene.  Go to Logging camp (down) and return to Syd the Boss inside Hut.  Watch fight.

16) The big finish..  Switch to Snoot.  Look at Rug.  Scroll up Snoot's inventory to find key and Give to Grug.  Switch to Grug.  Use Gold Key with Steel door.  Go to door.  Use Old key with Cell door to free Gurgia.  Ask Gurgia to 'Follow me'.  Go back to previous room and use Small key with chest.  Pick up Chest to get explosives.  Go outside and back to Cat D-11 Dozer.  Use Lighter with Dynamite.  Use Lit dynamite with Cat D-11 Dozer.   Watch cutscene.  Return to Mother tree and watch cutscene.  Navigate dialogue until the end of the game.. Congratulations!  You have completed THE GRUG LEGENDS!


Mini-game walkthrough...SPOILER ALERT!!


As Grug, Use Bed in Top Floor.
Select 'I'll take a long nap' from the dialogue.
Grug goes to sleep and is now in a dream world platform game!
Only everything is Weird and his name is now Dougal!?!?
Cara will bite you and you run into the castle on the left.
Open the door and quickly Go to the 'Edge' above you near the flower pot..
Then 'Pick up' The Bucket to your left..
Look at Pot in front of you.
Eat Squid..
Hit Squid..
Go to edge on left side of Bananas..
Pick up Bananas..
Give Bananas to Cara..
Cara opens gate to Hank..
Pick up Mango..
Give Mango to Hank..
Eat Egg..
Talk to Egg/Birdy..
Talk to Birdy..
Go past edge to your right and fall down..
Look at Saplings..
Eat Butterfly..
Hit Butterfly..
Pick up Butterfly..
Use Bucket with Water (to your right)..
Look at Pot..
Pick up Pot..
Go to Edge to your Upper left (Grey castle)..
Use Gold key with Door..
Look at Castle..
Use Apple seeds with Pot..
Use Full bucket with Seeds in pot..
Talk to Flower..
Talk to Flower..
Go to castle on bottom platform..
Give Carrots to Big Fishy..
Give Birdy to Big Fishy..
Go to Edge to your Far Upper right (Golden castle)..
Open Door..
Use Old Key with Door..
Go to Castle..

Grug awakens in his bed..  DONE!

- Some points...

- This game can be played in a non-linear way, so puzzles don't necessarily have to be solved in the order of this walkthrough.

- Starting the game as Grug is more or less the same experience without the early help of Snoot's digging ablity.  See if you can figure it out!

- There are a few silly 'Red Herrings'
  The 'Wax drops' from the candle don't do anything.. It's basically a hall pass to get Grug up the Ladder..
The Cara fishing mission serves no purpose except to show you where the fishing hole is..
The Cara fishing mission - Go to 'Hollow Log Lane' (Look at your Map)  Hit Entrance, Navigate dialogue - Say 'Can you show me how to catch a fish?
As Cara simply click on the school of small red fish to catch one..

- Although we have done our best to ensure no glitches, crashes or dead-ends, there may be unforseen ones still lurking in the depths of scripting lines.  This game was made by a father and his 3 children ages 4-11... so don't expect too much!  All I wanted was to encourage my kids to read more.

- Have fun with it and please rate and/or comment on this game!



Hey Smarty,
I'm stuck and have a question about the walkthrough. You write in 13)
QuoteUse Itchy bombs with Thylacine.
Where do they come from? I don't have any and that's the first time they are mentioned in the wt.
Thanks in advance,


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Hey Smarty,
I'm stuck and have a question about the walkthrough. You write in 13)
Add spoiler tag for Hidden:
Use Itchy bombs with Thylacine.
Where do they come from? I don't have any and that's the first time they are mentioned in the wt.
Thanks in advance,

Look back to step 10) It says: 'Go past Big Apple behind trees to Trail on top left of screen.  Pick up Brachychiton.  Pick up Flame-tree pods (hanging straight above Grug's head).'

The 'Flame tree pods' IS the itchy bomb.  Hope this clarifies things ;-D


Yeah, that helped - Thanks!
The thing was that I already got this far by myself a while ago and did't want to repeat all the steps ;)
Nice Game btw ;-D


Cool glad you like it.. It's my first try at programming so I'm just happy/shocked/amazed it works!:-D
After all said and done, the main character Grug has over 10 different views he uses to interact with the world,
There are over 10 playable characters in 'mini missions' throughout the game.
There is a hidden 'mini game' with platform game dynamics and a touch of wackiness!
Full set of interactions with game world.. hardly any 'empty clicks'.
Real sounds of Australian birds & forests.
AND Crazy, wacky stuff!

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