The Last One

Started by glurex, Thu 29/02/2024 05:00:35

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Awake in a pixelated room, surrounded by the distinct abundance of the same four shades of green. It nostalgically harkens back to those '90s games.
Could this be another cliché where everything turns out to be a dream? Or is there something more behind the mysterious creatures lurking in the forest?
Don't give up even when all seems lost. Starting the game anew might hold the key to rescuing more than one lost soul.

The Last One is a brief and simple adventure paying homage to the classic GameBoy aesthetic.

Download it here:


  Programming, Coding, Puzzles, Story

Manuel M. (glurex)

    Third Party Scripts/Modules

- AltKeyboardMoviment by Khris (AGS, slightly modified by me)
- TypeWriter by Phemar (AGS, slightly modified by me)


TipTopTomCat (

- Sweet Sounds By Coffeevalenbat (

- Pokemon Red_Blue Sound Effects

    Graphics made from

- World tilesets By Monkeyimage (
- GB Studio By The Pixel Nook (


- 04Font by Yuji Oshimoto
- Early GameBoy by Jimmy Campbell (Slightly modified)
- 07 Arrows by Sizenko Alexander

AGS 3.5.1 by Chris Jones et al.



The game is quite interesting, dialogue lines funny and even some witty puzzles. Controls were a bit awkward to me, but that is minor. Recommended!


Thank you very much for playing, Bicilotti! I'm glad you found it interesting! I understand that the controls may seem a bit clumsy at first (maybe as we are more 'accustomed' to the mouse and point-and-click), but once you get used to it, it's not so bad I guess. On the other hand, perhaps the symbol I choose for the shift key is not so clear in the (in-game) controls; keep it pressed makes the character move faster, which speeds things up a bit.

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