The viking guardsman

Started by Blondbraid, Thu 14/05/2015 08:31:22

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This is the first game I've made with Adventure Game Studio, but hopefully not the last!
The game is a short story about a viking who has traveld to a distant empire to serve as
a guard to the empress. But a prophesy by the royal astrologist revealed that someone
would attempt to murder her and it is now the task of our hero to solve the murder before
it takes place.
This is a short game, it's focus on dialogue rather than puzzles, but do not be afraid to
experiment with interactions and inventory items for additional clues about the characters!

Download link:

31 Jul 2016, 19:35 This game is now also available in Swedish.


This looks awesome! I'm definitely gonna give it a try when I have the time!


I really like the character design - the general style, the lineart and the choice of colors.


I have added a Swedish translation to the game, it can be selected in the setup before starting the game.
I also changed the graphics for some of the menus, and while this game was just a little practice project of mine,
I do hope this is a small improvement.

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