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Started by Blondbraid, Fri 01/03/2019 15:03:11

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Thor's hammer has been stolen by the evil giant Thrym, and so Thor must team up with Loki to retrieve it.

This game was made for MAGS in February 2019 with the theme Dressing up.




Congrats on the release.

Nice game with varied gameplay. The chariot section plays well but could be shortened more than twice IMO.
also please add more dragons  ;-D


Wow, thing sure have gotten quiet around here lately.

New MAGS games used to get at least a page of comments soon after release.



Congrats!  Looks like fun  :smiley:


I tried it and I really suck at flying my air vehicle :P


I'm pretty sure I made it easy...  (roll)

Maybe you really suck at choosing a weapon?  ;)
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Wendigo games

Walkthrough :
Take the PAPER and use it on yourself to read. Take the BOW AND ARROWS (you can take not the bow and arrows, but the sword, mace or lance. But with the bow and arrows killing a dragon will be easier than with another weapon).
In the Freya's room use the box.
Playing as the Loki:
Use the box and solve the puzzle to get FREYA'S JEWELS. Give Freya's jewels to Thor.

Playing as the Thor:
Use the cabinet to get FREYA'S DRESS and use sleeping chamber to change clothes.
You must collect 10 pigeons, while avoiding crows. When you collect 7 pigeons, a dragon will appear. Use the bow and arrows on him to kill him.
Talk to Thrym that she hasn't slept well. Use the roast to eat it and talk to Thrym that she hasn't been eaten in several weeks. Use the barrels and talk to Thrym that when she was pining for him, she stopped eating and drinking.
by Wendigo


I need to correct your walkthrough...

Quote from: Wendigo games on Sun 07/07/2019 15:32:58
Take the BOW AND ARROWS (if you choose the sword, mace or lance, you will not be able to complete the game).

This is incorrect, you are able to complete the game no matter what weapon you take, the bow and arrow is just easier cause it has a longer range. If you take the sword or the mace you'll have to wait for the dragon to be closer before you can hit & kill it.

Also, you are able to pick up FREYA'S DRESS using both Loki and Thor. If you pick it with Loki, then just give it to Thor.

Thanks for the walkthrough though.  (nod) :-D
There are those who believe that life here began out there...

Wendigo games

Oh sorry, I edited the walkthrough (about weapons).
As for the dress, I noticed that it can be taken by different characters, but I did not consider it an important point.

Apparently, I did not well tried to kill the dragon with a spear!

Thanks for game! :-D

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