Escape the Barn [Now Freeware]

Started by cat, Tue 24/01/2012 17:14:14

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Escape the Barn

Oh no! Someone has locked you in the barn - can you escape using only the stuff you find inside?
Find your way out in this colorful, childfriendly escape-the-room game.

If you are not familiar with the genre of "Escape the room games" or simply "Escape games": The setting is usually one single room in first person perspective where you use buttons to navigate. The goal is to open a door by either finding the key, picking the lock or destoying the door. See also

cat - Story, graphics, coding
Ponch - Testing, chief baker
raeff - Music, testing
tzachs - Testing

This game was part of the AGS Bake Sale, where we collected money for Child's Play. If you like the game, why not donate a few bucks to the charity of your choice?

If you have played the game, please leave a comment here or in the game database.


This is a fun little game suitable for all ages. After the dark, unsettling themes of 9 Months In and Retina, this is sort of the light and fluffy dessert of the bake sale bundle.  :)

Big GC

I didnt realise this was a "genre". SO I wasnt expecting this style game, but it was good fun.

Admitadly "Escape the room" should have given me a clue, but I was thinking a normal click and play 1 room affair.

I especially liked
making the electro magnet
Making a game - this should be easy......?


Thank you for your comment, Big GC! I added some clarification in the first post for people who don't know the genre (yet).


A sweet little escape-game clean in style, nicely drawn and not that difficult and suited to play it together with your kids.

Good to know, that there is someone thinking about how to catch the juniors right in time ;)

Well done! 


A very cute game, with nice puzzles and a clean, professional look.
I enjoyed testing it, and if I ever have children I will definitely let them play this!  :D


The game is now freeware!

Download here

Don't forget to check out the other bake sale games that are now available again, too ;)


I already said it (somwhere)... This game made a VERY young adventure game fan!



Sorry for bumping this thread, but I have to share this with you (thanks Ghost for pointing me there!):

Someone made a short comic summary of Escape the Barn:

Pretty accurate, I'd say! :-D

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