What the f--k happened!? (strong language inside)

Started by Lasca, Sat 18/01/2014 11:34:29

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SOG games proudly presents:

Peter wakes up in an unknown IKEA bed. Where the **** is he? Where's his ******* clothes?
And why does his mouth taste like ******* pavement mixed with tuesdays carbonara?
Find out, and get out, in 'What the **** happened!?'

640 x 400 resolution!
6 rooms, in colour!
Absolutly GREAT soundtrack by Problem!
Almost male nudity!
Unnecessarily foul language!
Combining of two or more items for completing puzzles!
Story with elements and dramaturgy previously seen in several films of varied quality!


Problem's soundtrack

A Let's Play of it, by Marshall Dyer (if you don't feel like doing it yourself)

Authors note (How unorthodox!):

This makes me proud.
This game has taught me coding. It has taught me animating. And most importantly,
it has taught me the pleasure of crating 2 dimensional images, both digitally and on paper,
and it's now something I do everyday, as often as I can. The power of computer games my friends!
This game more or less follows my evolution. It gets only better and better the more you play it!
It's a real thrill to finally release this game, but it actually does not compare to the thrill,
joy and satisfaction of creating it. But I guess that is the nature of creation.
Finishing it feels like saying goodbye to it.
This is a great forum, with a bunch of great people roaming it, and I hope you will enjoy this
game. Please, feel free to share any criticism, opinions, thoughts, or whatever with me.
However, I beg of you, with the words of Yeats:
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.



Congrats for the release

I am off for a little research about how you guys handle that interesting pantie with slot (that my mother always refuses to buy for me)   

IT'S PLAYTIME! ~ Let's discover some hidden treasures  :grin:


Thanks Tabata!

You will be suprised to find they're very roomy.
Hope you're enjoying the game!



Once again: Congrats on the release, Lasca! ;-D

The soundtrack is now available on my website:


This game is great. Really funny.  I'm a bit stuck at the moment, but will keep playing and report back here soon.
Great music as well, Problem. Good job all round.


Thanks Problem and Stupot+!
Just send me a pm or perhaps better, start a hints thread if you're still stuck.


A great first game, Lasca. Congrats on the release!
I especially like all the animations, very well done.

The only 'downside':
I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone playing this game while actually being hangovered! The setting and Peter's comments persistenly reaffirm your own state of suffering and you end up caught in an
endless loop of virtual & physical 'queasiness'! :tongue: (laugh) You captured the aftermath of a boozy night out that went off the rails to a T! Great ("semi-masochistic" :wink:) fun!


I finished it and can tell that it is a really entertaining game with well done music and nice animations!

I loved how you animated the socks in the walkcicle best and the rag, too. (laugh)
The font was a bit difficult to read for me and I had some missing reactions (also one crash )
but nothing serious that bothered me much.

All in all I had a lot of fun while grabbing  in someone elses panties   

Very well done, especially for a first game and I hope you'll do some more (nod)


Thank you very much, both Tabata and Tramponline! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Tabata: Sorry it crashed! If you remember, could you please pm the circumstances of the crash so I could resolve it?

Thanks again for your kind words!


Quote from: Lasca on Sun 19/01/2014 20:35:17
Tabata: Sorry it crashed! If you remember, could you please pm the circumstances of the crash so I could resolve it?
It was no big prob, really … and sure â€" I can send you the error message and describtion



can we have a different link to download from,mediafire is blocked on my tmobile dongle.
i tried running it through a leech site ,2 different sites said they couldn't get the link.
Agsarchives is good to download from.

EDIT:it's ok,i found it on gamejolt.


Congrats on the release and stuff, great concept for a game. I know the feeling all too well. Downloading!


I'm looking forward to playing this today! I have a few other things I need to get done, but there's always room for a new game :)

Can't wait to find out what this guy has for junk!

Played for a few minutes finally! I love it so far, the humor is great. Definitely a game I'll remember to finish O_O
Now on to another game I've been meaning to play! <--trying to budget my time! There's something important I need to do and I actually have time to do it!
Grim: "You're making me want to quit smoking... stop it!;)"
miguel: "I second Grim, stop this nonsense! I love my cigarettes!"


Thanks! Hope you keep enjoying it!

Sunny Penguin: Hope you have fun with it! Just heed Tramponlines advice!


Is it still possible to DL this? I keep getting a Redirect error!


From my end it looks like everythings working fine. Is should be no problem downloading. Anyone else had this problem?


I have the same problem when I use the Opera browser, Firefox works fine. Downloading right now.


Stumbled upon a Let's Play of the game on youtube.
Really makes me happy there's people who enjoyed the game. And damn, I didn't realise the font was that hard to read.
Thanks everyone who played the game and I hope it gave you some laughs!

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