Witchy Woo - MAGS Entry June 2013

Started by Myinah, Fri 28/06/2013 10:20:00

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Witchy Woo is an adventure game created for the June 2013 MAGS competition, with the theme of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Woo is a witch in training and to be perfectly frank she's not very good! Because of her magical failings her teachers have banned her from having a familiar of her own. Tired of being the laughing stock of the witching community, and the only witch without a faithful companion, Woo decides to take matters into her own hands. Help Woo find a friend in this short debut adventure game from Dropped Monocle Games.

You can download it here.

We hope you have as much fun playing it as we have had making it!

Myinah and Soxbrooker


Love the graphic style!  Congrats on the release.  :-D


Congrats on the release of this great little MAGS game, Myinah and Sox!


Ooooh, you made it! Congratulations, and downloading now. This looks sweet!



Thanks for the kind words and the downloads, guys!

If you have any feedback it is always appreciated. It's our first game and while of course we only had a month, its still good to have constructive feedback where necessary so we can keep making better games in the future  :)


Very cute and I enjoyed the game. The graphic, music and monosyllabic "speech" style were a pleasure!




And finished!

A really cute game, team Dropped Monocle! Especially for a MAGS the attention to detail is quite amazing; in fact, even outside of a MAGS the game would really stand out. Cute graphics, creative voice-over, quite a bit of gameplay... and was that a Captain Planet reference in them books? More power to you.

Stuff that struck me as very cool:
* full custom main interface (never mind the defaults)
* blurry foreground objects- nice way to add depth to a scene
* charming backgrounds, and nicely animated Woo
* interesting use of limited speech
* lots and lots of hotspots to look at

If anything, I was a bit sad that the game was so very short- no surprise given your deadline, but you really made a small world I would like to return to.

Dropped Monocle Games

Thank you so much for the feedback Ghost, it is really great to hear you enjoyed the game as much as we enjoyed working on it.
and Don't be sad... I'm pretty sure you will get the chance to return to the world of Woo at some point ;)


This is a very cute game and a lovely drawn character.
Very well done, good quality and your "voice acting" is top.  (nod)

I'd love to play more adventures of the witch
and I wouldn't mind if they become full length games :grin:


Thank you so much for all the kind words. I think I can safely speak for both Sox and myself when I say we have certainly not finished with Woo. We both love her dearly! I'm certain she will appear again, possibly in a full length game of her own, but we will see  ;)


Quote from: Myinah on Tue 02/07/2013 18:59:57
I'm certain she will appear again, possibly in a full length game of her own



Kitty Trouble

I loved the way you did the voice for her and incorporated it into the game. It was a nice idea for an adventure game.

qptain Nemo

I really liked this. So charming! I'm left with warm fuzzy feelings inside. I really liked the approach to voice acting in the game too. Would be nice to play more stuff like this, guys. :)


I wholeheartedly agree with Nemo.  The game is charming and witty and the voice acting angle is delightful.  Looking forward to seeing more of Woo!

- Cogliostro
"First things first, but not necessarily in that order." - Dr. Who


Thank you so much for the compliments guys. We are really excited to make more games and aren't too far off putting a game on the in progress forum. We are aiming for a June release so fingers crossed :) Sox has been posting his walk cycle tests in the critics lounge and we occasionally update our Facebook page and blog when we remember so we'll try to keep you posted

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