Roger portrait for the Sierra-style speech view

Started by Wesley, Thu 11/01/2024 12:28:57

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I'm making a portrait for the Roger character and I would like some critiques about everything from size, art style, facial features, etc.
The portrait will be used in the default templates, so it should suit everyone's preferences.

I tried this size of 64x72, honestly, I'm not familiar with how the Sierra-style dialogues should look, so I ended up not knowing the perfect size for the portrait. I tried to block the UI inside the 320x200 canvas and draw a portrait in a size I think would look okay.
I'll push the details after feedback.

Original size

Zoomed in for a better view

Crimson Wizard

Quote from: Wesley on Thu 11/01/2024 12:28:57I'm not familiar with how the Sierra-style dialogues should look

For the example, here's how it looks like in Space Quest 5 (please ignore the name label, this is not necessary for this art, and may be generated in game script anyway):


Nice, the size can be bigger then.
I'll rework it and draw some different neutral facial expressions.


This is Roger's portrait I've made so far, I tried out a few expressions for him, maybe it's the case of having different expressions instead of having just a talking animation.
I kept his original sprite's color palette, but I can change it if needed.


I like the second one better than your first. There are only two things I would like to mention:

- I think even from the small sprite it looks like his chin is wider and more square.
- The color of the highlights on the skin does not quite fit. To me, it looks more like dirt.

Other than that, great work!

Crimson Wizard

I'm sorry, I have probably missed this, but was there any conclusion to this portrait?

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