AGS engine Web port

Started by eri0o, Wed 26/05/2021 02:45:17

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Quote from: eri0o on Thu 06/06/2024 16:10:12Version?

That was the right question to ask. I wasn't on the latest version at all, but 3.6.0. After updating the editor and recompiling, the game seems to run with zero issues whatsoever.
This is, as the cool kids say, real heckin' neato! Many thanks, I will surely put this to use with my future projects as well as recompile some old ones for renewed distribution.
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Glad it worked! Any issues you find feel free to report. Sorry for the short question, it's just lately I don't have much time and everytime I write a lot in the answer it seems either my connection or the website bursts into flames and I lose my post. :/

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