IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: bonusdisc? 800 points?

Started by cireja, Tue 19/09/2023 18:27:13

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Hello everyone.

I have only been able to finish the game with 0 points out of 800. I have read in the game thread that there was a bonus disc, which you can get an ending where you get the 800 points and you can access that bonus disc.
Is it really possible to get the 800 points or the bonus disc?

Game thread

The thread also talks about entering some codes, and I have no idea what they might refer to.

On the other hand, I see in the exe file that there are sentences like:
- CONGRATULATIONS! You've unlocked the BONUS DISC!
- This information has also been saved to 'bonusdisc.txt' for your convenience.
- Most excellent choice sir.
- You have scored 800 of 800 points, smashing job.
And some more...

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Quote from: cireja on Tue 19/09/2023 18:27:13Is it really possible to get the 800 points or the bonus disc?
Yes, it is possible. Ask yourself first, do you really want to win?

Press CTRL+W (The joke is that you press CTRL+Q to quit, and change to W to win.)


Ah, good. Thank you very much.

I didn't know that key combination.
On the other hand, I guess it will be difficult for someone to keep that "bonusdisc", right?

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