Police Quest IV SCI(ish) Demo

Started by heltenjon, Wed 12/07/2023 19:35:20

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I seem to be stuck at 20 points on the crime scene. One of the screenshots on the game page shows the police station...and 21 points. I guess that means there is only one more thing to do on on the crime scene.

Is it possible to somehow mark the second body? Chalk or tape somehow? Is there a special word command that needs to be used to tell Chester to start taking photos? Is there a way to mark the graffitti as interesting? Or am I missing something else? Any help will be appreciated.  ???


Hi Heltonjon!

I was able to get 23 points and finish the demo. It's hard to describe what you may have missed, so I'll have to walk you through what I did, which is a complete spoiler. So here goes...

First a "look" command gives you a list of all who are present: Coroner Nobles, officers Chester (the photographer), Woodbury and Allen; an older man and a young man. Talk to all of them until the conversation is exhausted. Use keys on trunk and retrieve homicide kit. Look at body, look at cigarette. Use chalk on body and cigarette. Use notebook on graffiti. Open dumpster, talk to Nobles.Talk to Chester and she will take photos of body and cigarette, dumpster and graffiti.

End of demo. (thankfully - I hate text parsers!)



Thanks, Wiggy! I was able to finish the demo now.

Weird, I was sure I had tried to do it, but I probably used the wrong wording. What I was missing was
Use book on graffitti.

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