Tunnel Vision Walkthrough

Started by RootBound, Mon 21/08/2023 02:32:55

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It seems like a number of people are getting stuck in various places, so here's a walkthrough for anyone who finds the game frustrating. The hardcore among you should feel free to disregard.  :)

I'm also happy to provide hints here if that's preferable. :)

Puzzle 1:
Patch the stab wound:
1. Use pain reliever and then lipstick on arrow.
2. Pull out arrow.
3. Use hand sanitizer and then tissues.
4. Use tissue wrapper and then phone charger.
Puzzle 2:
Open the locker:
1.Use lipstick on poster and on left-side window.
2. Use lipstick/screwdriver on locker door.
3. Use arrow on locker door.
Puzzle 3:
Pull out the wrench:
1. Use Windex on wrench.
2. Use fire extinguisher on wrench.
3. Collect crowbar and pliers from locker.
4. Pull lever.
Puzzle 4:
Escape the train car:
1. Use crowbar on left seat.
2. Use pliers on left seat.
3. Use locker door on far-right floor hatch (using it on center aisle will go nowhere).
4. Use cushion on locker door.
5. Use wrench on roof hatch repeatedly until it opens.
Puzzle 5:
Get down from the roof:
1. Use crowbar on mystery component.
2. Use wires on hatch handle.
3. Use pliers on wires.
4. Use lasso on passing pole with horizontal beam repeatedly until it catches.
Puzzle 6:
Open the suitcase:
1. Use crowbar on floor vent.
2. Use pliers or arrow on seat rip.
3. Use necklace on floor vent.
4. Find suitcase in top left corner.
5. Use key on suitcase and collect suitcase contents.
Puzzle 7:
Open the door to the cab:
1. Use screwdriver on ceiling electrical panel.
2. Use pliers on ceiling electrical panel.
3. Go back up to roof and use wires on electric sparks.
4. Go back down and use t-shirt on live wire.
5. Use crowbar on flaming t-shirt.
6. Use flaming crowbar on ceiling sprinkler head.
Collect the wires. If you do not do this, there is NO WAY TO WIN once you are inside the cab!
Puzzle 8:
Stop the train!
1. Wedge left window open with wad of cash.
2. Tie wires to lefthand emergency brake.
3. Tie gun or crowbar to wires.
4. Use screwdriver on damage under console.
5. Prop broken brake with gun or crowbar.
6. Pull righthand emergency brake.
7. YOU WIN!!  :)
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@selmiak posted a playthrough on youtube! Thanks so much. It was a lot of fun to see the game being played by someone else.  :)

J. They/them. Here are my most recent games:

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