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Where No Fear Was
« on: 05 Sep 2012, 12:02 »
Pink Party Glasses presents:

Even Monsters Can Feel Fear

Watch the teaser trailer here!

Where No Fear Was is a game set in a dark, strange yet also familiar world, filled with unique characters. Follow one woman's path of revenge, through fear, uncertainty and disappointment. Befriend grumpy trees, outsmart thieving raccoons and confront a man responsible for a great tragedy.

The game was created by three friends over the course of a week, during their summer vacation. It's an attempt at creating a modern fairytale and was inspired by the mountain ranges where our vacation took place, which were also used as the background graphics for the game. This is our first ever released game so any kind of feedback, positive as well as negative, is most welcome!

Please keep in mind that there are no traditional inventory puzzles in the sense that you cannot combine inventory items with the environment and other characters. Instead, if you want to use an item on a hotspot or character, just interact with the environment straight away.


800x600 resolution
32bit true color
Full soundtrack
Shorth length (approx. 30 minutes)

You can download the game here or via the AGS game page. You can visit our Facebook page here, where you can also find concept art from the game!
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Re: Where No Fear Was
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downloaded and played a bit
interesting story-line, I didn't know that a main hero is actually a heroine :P
so far so good, I am enjoying it

some minor issues:
left-click  -  way too slow movement of the character
you can get the items repeatedly, for instance vines, etc...

but really nice music, especially the bass link :)

Re: Where No Fear Was
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Thank you for your comments, david! Glad you're enjoying the game.

The reason why you can get some items repeatedly is because
Spoiler: ShowHide
some of them are needed for two very different puzzles.
If not for that, the game could end up with a dead end. Admittedly, there probably exists a more elegant way of solving this problem, but I'm far from being the world's best programmer. :)

As for the character's slow movement, that was done on purpose but if it's too much of an issue it's easy enough to change it in an updated release.

Re: Where No Fear Was
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As for the character's slow movement, that was done on purpose
Why...!? ???
I'd like to play this some more, but not like that.

Also, the overused, pixelated default font doesn't fit the game's style at all. It's trivial to import a TrueType font and use that instead.

Re: Where No Fear Was
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So, finally the game is finished and I am a bit impressed by the end of this little game
really like the comic style cut-scene
what with the bloodstains, I found 3 of them, but nothing was given as a bonus, or something like that

nice message to men and monsters
Thank you for this

Re: Where No Fear Was
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Hi, I must say, this game took me by surprise, I didn't expect such deep, philosophical dialogs and mystical world filled with monsters... but this was a really nice surprise :) The graphics is very pretty, I especially liked the main character. And the music is nicely chosen too - as mystical as the world itself :)
Good job and more please! :)