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One Rainy Day
« on: 01 Oct 2012, 03:26 »
I'm finished with my very first game with AGS and would like you to test it out a bit and tell me your thoughts.

It's rather short as I wanted to get to know the engine a bit, but I think it's still fun.

The graphics are taken to quite some extend from graphics available on Maniac Mansion Mania, I drew some myself, but since it' a first timer, mine are rather simple (although I do like my clouds). SoundFX are taken from sounddogs.com and soundjay.com. I made a music loop from Israel Kamakawio'ole for the starting screen and used the Amiga soundtracks of Simon the Sorcerer for ingame and Lost Patrol for the outro (I agree, it's sort of lame to have so much stuff not done by me, but I wanted to see how everything fits together and next time I'll do it all myself :D )

The story:
Our heroine is alone at home while a storm approaches. Can you help her to survive it?

It's basically a one room adventure, so it is not too long. I guess about 10mins.



Download it here:

Thanks to the forum and especially Khris for the technical support :D

Important keys:
F5 opens the menu.
ESC stops the cut scenes

There is also an alternative ending ;)
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Re: One Rainy Day
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Hi! I wanted to try out your game, and I got a problem when clicking "open" in the inventory. :(

Re: One Rainy Day
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Finished it. Nice puzzles, I enjoyed it. Congratulations on this one. A few things though:
- Game crashes when you try to open the door
- The hotspots on the screen and inventory items often do not match the graphics, so I just searched with the cursor to find things instead of placing the cursor on the items (e.g.
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keyhole, nail, hamster, dripping water

- For some inventory items you have to click "use" several times and then the object several times consecutively until you can actually use them

Re: One Rainy Day
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Thanks for trying it out :)

Could you be a bit more specific, please? I tried to open all items in the inventory and didn't get an error (only too many unhandleds, maybe I'll write a bit more individually when I have some time ;) ) I also clicked OPEN on empty inventory squares, also no error. What happened in your case?

Thanks for the input! I'm happy you enjoyed it (laugh)
- The door problem is fixed (though pretty ad hoc and I still don't know how to fix it properly, but it works fine now).
- I forgot to set the hotspots for the inventory cursor (well, first timer :S). I did that now and you don't have to guess where the hotspots are anymore :)
- For the inventory items: USE is only used to use an item directly. If you want to use an item with something else, simply click on that item and it will automatically be in its USE-With-Something-Else mode.

I also fixed the Ramsey statement! Luckily no one complained about that so far :D
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Re: One Rainy Day
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One funny thing to report:

If you have
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used the wires on the treadmill
then you can extract them again.

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Re: One Rainy Day
« Reply #5 on: 04 Oct 2012, 02:22 »
Okay, so I fixed the thing Shadow pointed out above (thx for the info).

Due to a logical problem with how I used a button I changed the button "Pick up" to "Get/Search" and hope this will settle that issue. The new button looks quite crappy though, since it didn't really fit with normal writing. But better to have a crappy button than some things that don't make much sense, right? :D

Thx for giving me feedback and I'm happy that some people actually seem to enjoy this a bit :)

Re: One Rainy Day
« Reply #6 on: 15 Apr 2015, 05:33 »
I wanted to announce that the great people of the Monkey Island World Forum have worked on a translation of my little game into Italian and am happy to announce that this version is available very soon for those who prefer Italian over English!

They will post it in the AGS Site very soon!

Re: One Rainy Day
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The Monkey Island World is proud to announce the release of the new version of One Rainy Day (now Maniac Mansion - One Rainy Day).
This new version includes the italian translation of dialogues, GUI and graphics, and the correction of various bugs.

Translation team: utdefault, Giocherellone, Squall_Leonheart

The translated game can be downloaded here, while at this link you can find the full source code.

Italian version:
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Il Monkey Island World è orgoglioso di annunciare il rilascio della nuova versione di Un Giorno di Pioggia (ora Maniac Mansion - Un Giorno di Pioggia).
Questa nuova versione include la traduzione in italiano di dialoghi, GUI e grafica, e la correzione di vari bug.

Squadra di traduzione: utdefault, Giocherellone, Squall_Leonheart

Il gioco tradotto può essere scaricato qui, mentre a questo link potete trovare il codice sorgente completo.
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