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Title: acwin exception
Post by: on 03 Apr 2004, 15:56
fatal exception 0xC0000005 occured in ACWIN.EXE at EIP=0x0046B158 programme pointer is +5997, ACI version 2.54.522gtags (0,1) AGS cannot continue.
If this means anything to you lot I'm very happy for you. To me, it means that the game I was playing has crashed and, possibly wasted days of my time getting to a point that cannot be passed, not a happy bunny :o
Title: Re:acwin exception
Post by: Pumaman on 03 Apr 2004, 18:46
It would help if you told us what game this happened with.

It looks like a problem with the MP3 decoder, so disabling music and sound should allow you to pass that point in the game.
Title: Re:acwin exception
Post by: strazer on 03 Apr 2004, 19:07
Is there a list somewhere where some of these numbers are explained?
It would help us (to help other people) in case you are not around.
Title: Re:acwin exception
Post by: Pumaman on 04 Apr 2004, 17:55
Unfortunately not really, no.

There are a couple of easy things to spot, such as eip +5997 means the MP3 player and eip +379 means a problem drawing the GUI; but otherwise, there is a lookup table for each version which can give rather unreliable results.

Generally, if a crash happens I prefer to investigate it and fix it there and then - it's only when it happens to an older version that it's harder to deal with.