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Title: Melrin 4: Betraying the Crown
Post by: Joacim Andersson on 13 Feb 2005, 09:50
I origionally only wanted to make three Melrin games but since I've got so much response from people begging me for more I've desided to make a fourth.

The working name is Betraying the Crown, and even if this is the fourth installment of Melrin it is actually set in time before the first game. So Melrin is still just a magician disciple and as such he sometimes makes a mess of his spells.

The story: Prince Eevail has just tried to kill his own brother, the king, by poisoning his pea-soup. However the king refuse to believe that his brother was behind the attempt. Eevail has left the royal castle and the magician council is convinced that he now plans a new attempt to assasinate the king, so they deside to send out Alfgand, Melrins teacher, to stop him. However this must be done in secret since they can't convince the king of his brothers betrayal. But Eevail has a spy in the magician council and he steals the pages from Alfgands book of magic. Alfgand now needs the help of his disciple, yes that would be Melrin, to find the lost pages and to stop Eevails plans and also to find out who the spy in the council are.

Game play and GUI: In this game you control both Melrin and Alfgand on their quest. They are forced to take different paths so you will need to find a way for them to share inventory items. Like in the earlier games Melrin has his book of spells and his small cauldron in which he creates his spells. However since he's not a true magician yet many of the spells might not have the desired effect. Alfgand on the other hand use a wand for his spells however he can only perform them if he finds the lost pages of his book.



Fun (?) fact: In the year 1577 King Erik XIV of Sweden died of posioned pea-soup.
Title: Re: Melrin 4: Betraying the Crown
Post by: Iv4n on 14 Feb 2005, 12:30
Yay! Great news!  ;D
Title: Re: Melrin 4: Betraying the Crown
Post by: Kinoko on 14 Feb 2005, 23:57
How do you keep making these things so fast? o_O Anyway... horray!
Title: Re: Melrin 4: Betraying the Crown
Post by: abibliophobe on 16 Feb 2005, 13:51
I downloaded the first one this morning, and that was so good, I'm getting the next two now!
I look forward to the fourth one!  ;D
Title: Re: Melrin 4: Betraying the Crown
Post by: splat44 on 04 Aug 2005, 04:26
I just played with game 1 to 3,

First version is extrement difficult but next 2 versions is better.

I hope you get to put forth game soon.

Title: Re: Melrin 4: Betraying the Crown
Post by: Darth Mandarb on 04 Aug 2005, 04:35
Well gosh ... this thread has only been dead for about 5 months.

Why don't we just dig it up rather than sending a PM to the author as the FORUM RULES state?

Joacim Andersson, if you're still working on this let me know if you're able (willing) to update the thread and I'll unlock it.

* sigh *  I suppose it's just too much to ask that people actually read the rules before posting.