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Post by: on 25 Apr 2005, 10:03
"Critics Lounge is not for criticising games... Specially if that critic is just going to be that harsh and unproductive. Maybe a critic involving a discussion about storylines, puzzles and such could be admitted..."

wait wait wait....this is a critic's lounge so im being a critic on how LAME i feel a game is? what's wrong with that????!!!!even if im banned from this forum,ill just brag about it to your competitors.
and to the other nerd,I know you love me,and I don't have to try.I don't need to go outside and play either,im inside playing right now on this forum.
Post by: Gilbert on 25 Apr 2005, 10:12
Read the rules, period.
Post by: Helm on 25 Apr 2005, 10:12
I probably shouldn't give you the benefit of the doubt, since you're obviously flamebaiting, but what the hell.

This is the critique lounge. We critique pieces of art, or music, or script ideas or whatever, the artists themselves post to get feedback. If you're unable to contain the incandescent desire to slag on a game you didn't like, go over to the thread about it in the released games subforum and post your opinion, where everybody will think you are being inappropriate too. Most ags games are free, so if you didn't like one, it's not like you spent your life savings on getting it. So relax and get over it.

That being said, if you don't swiftly change attitudes you're probably going to be banned, yeah, so I guess you can start bragging to 'our competitors' ( who they are, I do not know, and competitors to what, again I am not sure) right now.
Post by: InCreator on 25 Apr 2005, 10:17
Hah, this guy is funny.
Or pretends to be  ???

* You don't have to spit fire in wrong forum, and wrong form.
Want to complain about forum? PM to moderator, don't crap forums with stupid threads that don't belong here in first place.

* You achieve nothing by calling people names, especially if you didn't quite get the point.

* Critics Lounge is made to help people out, not telling that this or that is lame. If you see something wrong, tell what it is, and how to improve it. This way your opinion will be taken seriously.

* Grow up

* Read the rules and...

* ...Don't play moderator, as I did just now  :-[

Post by: Ubel on 25 Apr 2005, 10:35
Please don't ban this guy! I love his threads! :=
Post by: Nacho on 25 Apr 2005, 11:25
CL is mainly for art in developement, so, discussing about a finished game is not common. But it seems that you are unable to understand my post...

Maybe a critic involving a discussion about storylines, puzzles and such could be admitted...

That meant that a thread asking about help for how to improve the rythim of the story you want to tell, about certain part of the storyline, or even a discussion of a basic idea could be admitted...

You could also quote finished games for using them as an example in a discussion in the "Adventure related talk and chat" forum.

I thought that everything was quite clear in my previous post, and I do think that your "By the sword sucks" post does not fit in any of the points I've staled before... But in that moment I was giving you the benefith of the doubt...

Now, with this third stupid thread started by you in 12 hours, that time has expired and I'll just simply ignore you.

Good luck.