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Title: Suggestion: Ctrl+S to save in script editor (IMPLEMENTED)
Post by: Janik on 30 Oct 2005, 22:22
This is just a tiny suggestion, hopefully it's easy to do but if not it's not very important:

When I use the script editor, I tend to press Ctrl+S often to save the script. It's a reflex from working in Word and other code editors. It would be nice if that shortcut did save the script (without closing the editor, as suggested here:

Right now, it seems to delete the last thing you wrote down, with no undo  :o, so I end up pulling my hair out each time I accidentally press Ctrl+S. Even if it didn't save, if it were changed to not do anything that would help prevent my premature baldness ;)

Title: Re: Suggestion: Disable script editor Ctrl+S
Post by: Pumaman on 01 Nov 2005, 21:25
Yep it's a reasonable request, as you've noticed there's already a tracker entry for it. Thanks for your input.

Edit by strazer:

AGS v2.72 Beta 3:
* Added Ctrl+S option to script editor, to save changes so far.