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Title: Resource File naming Conventions?
Post by: RickJ on 14 Mar 2009, 02:35
I've just downloaded a number of resource files from the website (Btw, some of the links are broken).   Now I have a collection of zip and mid files but am not sure which ones are newer or older.  I noticed there seems to be a pattern to most of the file names already.  What would you think about establishing a formal naming convention for such files so that the file name would contain a descriptive title, type of resource, and version/release date?   

For example this file:

could have it relase date embedded in the name like this:

or like this:

or some other format.
Title: Re: Resource File naming Conventions?
Post by: Renegade Implementor on 14 Mar 2009, 04:06
Yeah, some links are broken and the resource page is out of date.  Now that the behind-the-scenes systems have settled down, I can get to work on updating and replacing things (which is something I didn't want to do while things were still being worked on).

Changing file names to include dates is easily done and can be implemented in the clean-up update (which will hopefully be sometime this weekend -time permitting).