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Title: Chalkman
Post by: monkey424 on 20 Feb 2013, 13:05
G'day folks.

Chalkman was released earlier this year without a smidgen of promotion.

I've now made the long anticipated promo.

Just pretend we're back in 2012..

View here. (

Or here..



( ( ( (

The game is described on the download page if you dare to read it.

Chalkman is somewhat similar to Shitty Quest, but more long-winded and hard-core puzzle focused. The project stated out as a shitty sort of experimental game, but then evolved into something more. The game's antagonist is someone trying to erase the crudely drawn 'chalk world' and replace with something.. well, less shitty.

Note that the game is actually a bit longer than suggested by its current 'medium length' categorisation. If you can complete this game in 1 hour, you'll win a free Chalkman coffee mug.

Mug also comes in blue.
Title: Re: Chalkman
Post by: CaptainD on 20 Feb 2013, 14:27
The lack of an actual blue cup is indeed a tragic blow to this game's chances, but I have to admit that I am intrigued.  Will definitely give it a look - congrats on the release!
Title: Re: Chalkman
Post by: monkey424 on 23 Jun 2013, 09:01
Game update - promo added 23.6.13
Title: Re: Chalkman
Post by: kaput on 23 Jun 2013, 14:16
Really nice promo! Can't believe I haven't played this yet, but I tells' ya now I'm gonna.
Title: Re: Chalkman
Post by: Paul Franzen on 25 Jun 2013, 15:33
Haha what on EARTH am I looking at?! Awesome trailer; I'm adding this to my to-play list right now.
Title: Re: Chalkman
Post by: monkey424 on 02 Mar 2015, 07:46
Chalkman now has a walkthrough included with the download.

You can also download the walkthrough separately here:

Happy gaming! ;-D
Title: Re: Chalkman
Post by: KiraHaraReturns on 03 Mar 2015, 09:31
great design, I will definitely give it a try..... again :)