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Title: Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town (PPHS Jam)
Post by: Perspicacity1 on 09 Apr 2013, 21:06

UPDATE 4/11: Fixed a lot of dead end paths.

Last weekend the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Game Jam ( was held. The jam was centered around dating sims and encouraged the use of Twine and Renpy. I was originally going to make the game in Renpy until I remembered I didn't remember much about Renpy and could probably make the game much faster and much easier using AGS.

The original idea was that you played as the unbelievably cool friend of a typical dating sim/harem everyman and had to help him get a girlfriend. It kept that theme but ended up going down a pretty different route than I originally planned. I have to say it was probably for the better though? There is actually art this time because it was done my comic artist friend who shares my site.

Download (