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Title: AGS Yahtzee 2
Post by: Shade on 27 Jul 2014, 21:27
Here is another one from scratch

AGS Yahtzee 2

So why a second version? I was bothered most by the code mess of the first game. There was practically no room for improvement.
Since the first game I invested some skill points in "programming" so that I basically could write most code passages in 10 to 20 lines instead of 100 to 1000. Yeah great... and what is the benefit? First some screenshots:

Playing a customized game mode

Playing a game mode from the first game

Play the mode you want

And Create the tournament you would like to play

What you get:

- Everything the first game had
- Improved interface
- Customize your game by changing the basic rules
- Create your own tournament
- Highscorelists (TOP- and BOTTOM-Score) for every game mode and tournament you create
- Live highscore position (taking the score of the respective players into account)
- Some new statistics
- Import your old profiles, statistics, highscores and savegames into the new game

You can download the game here:

Hope everything works as expected. Hope you enjoy it! :)


*EDIT 09.08.2014
- Fixed: points doubled after World Record highscore screen
- Fixed: TOP- and BOTTOM-Highscore entry in statistics hasn't changed, when someone lost a highscore

*EDIT 10.08.2014
- Fixed: MEGA should work correct now
- Fixed: Too many players after loading imported save
- Fixed: Bonus points didn't count for the last player when he got them on the last entry
- Speed up the yahtzee animation

*EDIT 31.08.2014
- Fixed: Witchcraft should work correct now
- Fixed: GUIs not clickable after opening custom game dialog
Title: Re: AGS Yahtzee 2
Post by: Mandle on 12 Aug 2014, 03:59

I lost weeks of my childhood compulsively playing Yahtzee on the TRS-80...

Damn you Yahtzee!!! You're not getting me again that easilly!!!

/me goes to download...