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Title: Space Bird Missile Cats
Post by: HAL on 26 Feb 2015, 11:06
Made another game... and it's not an adventure game!

Space Bird Missile Cats (

Defend the universe from the never-ending horde of space cats and their evil, deadly weapons!

Who can get the highest score...?  :wink:




Let me know if the download link doesn't work.
As with my previous game, I'm still in China so might have had upload problems.
I managed to get it into MegaUpload, but I've never used that website before so I don't know if I've found the correct link for file sharing.


It's been another 'quick' one, bit of a training thing. Only took 5 days and I learned/practised a fair few programming techniques  :smiley:
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Yes I know the high score table could have been placed into a single .dat file but it was a learn-as-you-go thing and I really didn't want to destroy my code by going back to try and fix it. So I apologise in advance for the 20 separate high score files you'll see in the game folder...

I think this'll be my last for a while. If I make another, it'll be a proper attempt at something big and bold.

Title: Re: Space Bird Missile Cats
Post by: arj0n on 26 Feb 2015, 12:05
Download works for me.
Title: Re: Space Bird Missile Cats
Post by: Mandle on 26 Feb 2015, 12:39
Damnit!!! Are those damn Uchuu-Neko threatening the universe again?!

Well, I'm gonna be jumping in my ship, carefully fastening my selt-belt, flipping down my drink-holder, and blasting off to defeat them and earn the high score this weekend for sure!!!