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Title: Sunrise Paradise
Post by: Cuiki on 12 Sep 2015, 02:37

Getting bored of living on a campsite, a young girl sets off to find a promised city where dreams come true and everyone is blessed with eternal happiness.
Will it offer a chance at a new life or a decision she'll always regret?




Download the game here! (

This is a slightly extended version of the game we made for the OROW 9 ( competition, featuring things that we had planned to include, but ran out of time. These include more responses for interactions, a couple of extra mini-puzzles, re-drafted dialogue in some places, and general bug fixes.

The game plays as an interactive comic book, and is mostly driven by the story and characters, revolving around the dialogue that changes depending on the choices you make. It is also the prelude to a larger story currently in the making.

Cuiki: Story, writing and graphics
Ultra Magnus: Coding and writing
(with music from
Title: Re: Sunrise Paradise
Post by: AprilSkies on 13 Sep 2015, 09:53
I enjoyed a lot this little nice game made for the last OROW.
The gfx are very cute and it's very well done.
Title: Re: Sunrise Paradise
Post by: Chicky on 13 Sep 2015, 11:03
I loved this Cuiki, my favourite of the orowc games. There was something about the immediacy of the interactions/navigation and the lovely facial expression that really had me hooked from the start. Looking forward to the upcoming larger story :)
Title: Re: Sunrise Paradise
Post by: Cuiki on 13 Sep 2015, 16:01
Thanks AprilSkies and Chicky, really glad you had fun! :-D