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Title: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: Slasher on 08 Dec 2015, 06:52
Let's Cook: with Koala

A cooking game mainly aimed at children but then again who does not like a scrumptious Knickerbocker glory or tasty coconut curry?

As well as learning to cook, Koala your chef guide explains how to avoid the dangers that may occur in the kitchen and also offers you safety tips as well as being open to any questions you may have.

Together you can make some mouth-watering dishes by finding the ingredients and following the cooking method.

Once you have made a dish, Koala will issue you with a 'Certificate of excellence' which is saved for you to print out and put on your wall or elsewhere.

A fun game where you not only just learn to cook but become aware of dangers and learn safety tips...

My thanks to AnasAbdin for the graphics he supplied and to Mandle for his eagle-eyed testing and also to little Nao for obtaining all certificates and also CaptainD for his testing.

Thank you all.....

1024 X 768
32 Bit colour

Please support danger awareness for children...







Happy cooking ;)

Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: Mandle on 08 Dec 2015, 10:28
YAY!!! I helped playtest this one with the help of one of my 3 year old students, who is also listed as a playtester (cheers for that slasher), and I can say that this game is great fun for adults and kids alike and also introduces some very important kitchen health and safety lessons...(Although I did catch Chef Koala keeping food in the same cupboard as his cleaning products during testing, but he has since learnt the error of his ways...)

I suggest all with younger kids get this game and play along with their kids. It's a blast!
Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: CaptainD on 08 Dec 2015, 13:00
Sorry I didn't have time to do as much testing as I would have liked to mate.  Will download this later, my little girl really enjoyed playing the test version! ;)
Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: AnasAbdin on 09 Dec 2015, 05:47
Congrats on the release slasher :)
Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: Slasher on 10 Dec 2015, 12:49
Cheers guys...

this is a sidetracked game that i though I'd do...

simple but fun (laugh)

Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: Retro Wolf on 10 Dec 2015, 12:54
Congratulations on the release Slasher! You're a bloody inspiration! All these completed projects and I haven't really done anything since Moustache Quest...
Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: Cassiebsg on 19 Jan 2016, 19:16
Hey :)

Congrats on the release. I've finally managed to play this one with my son and he really enjoys it! (nod) Well done!

I have a few suggestions in case you ever decide to improve this one:
Spoiler: ShowHide

- The "button" bellow the enter name to start playing, should be a clear button, not just some text. My son can't read and I keep having to tell him where to click on (other wise he'll click on the leaves down bellow.).
- You should have a bigger area to click on the items, it's hard to place the hand right on top of some items. (something like Gurok explains here: (
- Deactivate the "fridge" hotspot when the door is open. Again, due to the millimeter click perfection on the objects, my son keeps trying to pick stuff up, and Koala keeps telling him he can't pick the fridge up. :p Due to this, I can't even tell him to look the "status" line for the item name, cause the fridge will also be shown there... (roll)
- When making the ice cream desert, it very very hard to click on the glass. You should make it so that the it can be clicked inside the glass, not only on it's edges. Just adding a bit of a blue color to the transparency should do the trick. ;)
- My son LOVES it when he makes the pizza and a big picture of it is displayed. I can see he's that enthusiastic about the others that don't show the dish done in a close up. Consider adding that for all the other dishes. :-D
- And last but not least... voice acting would make this game much more accessible for pre-schoolers..... ;) (My son is 4, in case you're wondering)

All in all, you made yet another great game! (nod)
Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: SilverSpook on 19 Jan 2016, 22:07
Looks really nice!  Perhaps I'll try it out with my 4 year old when I get a chance.
Title: Re: Let's Cook: with Koala
Post by: Slasher on 20 Jan 2016, 13:38


i believe the latest download shows all close ups of meals prepared.

I will endeavor to adjust other things you mentioned when i next upload new version.

SilverSpook :

Hope you both enjoy ;)