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Title: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 28 Apr 2016, 16:00


A stranger arrives in the sleepy town of Tumbleweed, with no memory of his identity, to find the residents suffering at the hands of feared outlaw El Marcado, 'the marked one'.
Soon he finds himself caught up in a plot to defeat the outlaw once and for all.
But who is this stranger and why is the mysterious El Marcado so interested in Tumbleweed?

Players get to enjoy:

[1] subjective

A Salvador Haggini Adventure.
Traditional point and click adventure game featuring a verb coin interface.

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1.1.0 - 30/04/16 - Minor update to avoid possible circumstance where player could get multiple of the same item in Chapter 2... I knew something would crop up!
1.2.0 - 04/05/16 - conversion of all MP3 files to OGG to try and resolve rare MP3 encoder crash in Fort Buzzard area
1.3.0 - 05/05/16 - fixed (I hope) rare GUI visibility crash during poker game... my nemesis. Minor inv on inv desc updates to improve chapter 1 puzzles. And resolved a candle walk behind issue.
1.4.0 - 07/05/16 - fixed inventory issue introduced by version 1.3.0 :(
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Mandle on 28 Apr 2016, 17:42

And damn you for releasing a game I have been waiting for just when I need to concentrate on my MAGs entry!!!

I'll be playing the shit outa this about 3 days from now then...If my fortitude to resist holds out that is..
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Cassiebsg on 28 Apr 2016, 18:24
Huge congratulations on the release! :-D

I'm sure this will become an instant classic! (nod)
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Stupot on 28 Apr 2016, 23:01
Congrats, man. This looks great. I'll try to find some time to lay it in the next few days :-)
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Shadow1000 on 28 Apr 2016, 23:01
I downloaded this and I've been playing for about an hour. EVERY aspect of the game is awesome...the puzzles, story, graphics, animation and humour. LOVING IT! Amazing first game.

Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 29 Apr 2016, 00:11
Thanks for all your kind words - it's been a labour of love and as long as some of it generates a few chuckles I'll be happy!

Amazing first game
Considering how long it's been in development it doesn't feel like a first game any more - it's almost as though, seeing as I developed it in chronological order - chapter by chapter - that the chapters show the progression in my coding, animation and story telling. Plus, with the information and users here in this forum, it's easy to get help when stuck. Also the BETA testers I had and, a few years ago, the Alpha testers were fantastic. And I can't forget the AGS Cavefish collective - that group was so instrumental in keeping me going.

Saying that - I've just played it through again (paranoid it will have a major bug) and found a couple of spelling mistakes so will be updating those shortly.
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: kconan on 29 Apr 2016, 02:11
Congrats on the release, I'll be playing this one soon!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: oareaso on 30 Apr 2016, 16:42
Looks Great, downloading now!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Gurok on 30 Apr 2016, 20:13
I am so happy for you, Haggis!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 30 Apr 2016, 21:21
Thanks, hope you all enjoy it!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: sthomannch on 01 May 2016, 01:12
Absolutely fantastic game! Excellent graphics and sound, cool puzzles and really good jokes, including the credits!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Shadow1000 on 01 May 2016, 15:37
I finished the game last night. Here are my comments:

(I recommend that you do not read this review until you finish playing)


It didn't take long for me to completely love the game.
- The backgrounds, animations, sound effects and music are just perfect for the environment.
- Very strong story. Almost cliched Western Theme with some fresh elements is enough to draw the player in
- Many crazy and lovable NPC with strong personalities
- I have to give a strong rating to the puzzles. To me, the difficulty level of the puzzles was just perfect. I had to put in just enough effort to feel challenged by some of them but (almost) never got so stuck that I had to resort to hints. Some of my absolute favourite puzzles:
Spoiler: ShowHide
 the poker game and the chapel bell puzzle. It's hard to quantify exactly why but I LOVED those two in particular

- More about the puzzles: I liked that there was a great mixture of types of puzzle, ranging from inventory puzzles to dialogue puzzles to object puzzles to password/combination/code puzzles.
- The humour! It's not often that I find myself actually laughing for most of a game but this one had some really good lines!
- Overall, a well-developed and polished game. Extras like cut scenes really make a difference.


- Notwithstanding the overall excellent puzzles, unfortunately there were a few that even with reading the walkthrough either did not make sense or I just fail to see how the player had enough hints to solve; In particular:
Spoiler: ShowHide
I still don't get how the cemetery map corresponds to the clue provided even when it was explained. I don't want to elaborate because people read before playing even when warned not to :) but the red paint puzzle is ALMOST solvable but honestly not quite there

- Possibly most critical:
Spoiler: ShowHide
unfortunately, the ending didn't work for me. I get the idea of trying to break the cliche and jumping to something unexpected and creative and funny and silly but that was just too over the top and dragged on for me. Instead of finding it to be a "twist" I just found it jarring and wanted the game to end


Of course you can just leave the game as is. It really is an excellent game and as I said, especially for a first game. Many people will play it and enjoy it and move on. However, considering the years you sunk into it you might consider:
- See how other people react to the points I raised above. If others think it was good then just ignore me :) However if enough people agree, then consider a second release with those areas revised accordingly.
- You MIGHT consider animating some of the NPCs. When you enter the bank in Ft. Buzzard, for example, instead of having the NPCs just frozen on the screen, it might be cool to see them moving a bit. The only reason I point this out is because it's clear that a LOT of work went into the game and if you want a real masterpiece this might do it.
- Clean up some spelling errors. It's "cemetery" :)

Overall, an EXCELLENT game, especially for a first. It's rare to come out with such a polished game even over a long time. I was wondering how long the game development took and how many people playtested it?

I hope to see more outstanding titles from this author. I do expect to see a masterpiece one day.


Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 01 May 2016, 18:07
sthomannch - thanks for the kind words

Shadow - also thanks for the kind words, the humour was the most important element for me and i'm glad that came across. I'll send you a PM to respond to all your comments in full rather than a lengthy reply here. Always gutted to see a spelling mistake creep in and I know exactly where that one is :)

EDIT - following on from the feedback received to date I've made some changes to try and improve the two puzzles highlighted so that there are enough clues available to the player to solve them without a walk-through.
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Mandle on 04 May 2016, 06:46
WOOT! Downloading now!

I can't wait to get started so I'm making this post during the download to avoid just watching the pot boil...

After just reading the start of Shadow1000's post (before closing the thread, trying to avoid ANY spoilers) I got even more excited as he really knows what he is talking about when it comes to...


Bye for a while!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Mandle on 04 May 2016, 09:08
Sorry for double posting but I want to keep track of my gameplay time-wise as it may be valuable information for the developer:

I've been playing for about 2 hours and I'm up to:

Spoiler: ShowHide

Putting the flag over the casket mannequin. I have not yet found the other grave or looked at the Fugue State model yet though. The bank manager still chases me away. (Not asking for hints here BTW...Just stating where I'm up to after 2 hours 100% blind play as best I can...)

I got a game crash at this point:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Illegal exception
An exception 0xC0000005 occurred in ACWIN.EXE at EIP = 0x00000000 ; program pointer is +5997, ACI version 3.21.1115, gtags (7,0)

AGS cannot continue, this exception was fatal. Please note down the numbers above, remember what you were doing at the time and post the details on the AGS Technical Forum.

Most versions of Windows allow you to press Ctrl+C now to copy this entire message to the clipboard for easy reporting.

An error file CrashInfo.dmp has been created. You may be asked to upload this file when reporting this problem on the AGS Forums. (code 0)

Oh and by the way: You don't need to include the "user" icon in the compiled folder. It just has to be in the full game folder at the time you compile. Also you can make another icon called "setup" I believe which will replace the winsetup icon: Same deal there...


I just finished the game and it was amazing! It took me about 6 hours total (total blind play without consulting walkthrough at all) I'm guessing (had a dinner break) but also I did look around and try out a LOT of unneeded interactions just to test the game to its limits:

For example, I might be one of the only players to have found:

Spoiler: ShowHide
The "We don't need no education" Pink Floyd "The Wall" reference?

My mind is too blown out still by the last chapter to write a full review right now...

But rest assursed that it will be at least 90% positive...

This game is a MAJOR work for an AGS title and will be viewed as one of the classic full-length games I'm sure!

Cheers for the great time!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 04 May 2016, 09:23
Thanks - that doesn't look good... first reported crash since release.

I'll hit you up via personal messages to see if I can identify where/why it happened etc. and investigate

EDIT - god I love this forum, it seems this pointer code is an MP3 related issue. I think in the next patch I'll replace the MP3's with OGGs instead (this all means nothing to me, but historic posts recommend it).

EDIT 2 - Updated version released
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 07 May 2016, 19:00
Sorry for the double post but this is more of an update for those people with version 1.3.0 - it seems I introduced a bug at this point which could be game ending if the player doesn't have a certain item.

I've now fixed this in version 1.4.0 - see main post

Sorry about that :(
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Haggis on 03 Jun 2016, 12:41
Apologies for the bump but the game actually had a couple of reviews!
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Cassiebsg on 03 Jun 2016, 17:57
Congrats, always nice to see how the "outside" receives ones work. (nod)
Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: Mandle on 11 Jun 2016, 23:32
I just got around to reading both reviews and was very pleased to see that they were both highly positive and fully recommended the game for the reader to check out.

Title: Re: The Man From Fugue State
Post by: SinSin on 12 Jun 2016, 09:37
Played it! Loved it ! Congrats to you buddy ! :-D