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Title: RotN games: DOS vs Windows
Post by: HipolitoPichardo on 03 May 2016, 16:42
Wondering if anyone has a breakdown list of which Reality-on-the-Norm games were released for DOS vs. Windows? I know the FAQ ( indicates that the early releases (2001-02) were on DOS, but is there any more detailed information available on this?

MobyGames ( seems to indicate that some were on DOS, some on Windows, and some both, but not sure how accurate that really is.

I'm ultimately trying to figure out which games in the series ever received a DOS release.

Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: RotN games: DOS vs Windows
Post by: Danvzare on 03 May 2016, 17:39
You could just download and test them all.
I'm sure there won't be any DOS ones after 2003, so just download and test all the ones from before then.

Is there any particular reason why you're building up a list of which ones were for DOS?
Title: Re: RotN games: DOS vs Windows
Post by: HipolitoPichardo on 03 May 2016, 17:51
Thanks for the reply, Danvzare!

I in fact started doing exactly what you suggested -- downloading them all and opening them up in DOSBox to see whether or not the game is DOS or Windows. Trouble is, it appeared as if some games may originally have been released for DOS and then later replaced by subsequent Windows versions. So hard to tell exactly.

The reason I'm interested is because last fall I started doing a "DOS Adventure Quest" on Twitch, in which I'm playing and streaming all adventure games to have ever been released for DOS (the list I've compiled is just shy of 800). I've been relying on MobyGames as my source of truth for what was released on DOS vs. what wasn't, but it struck me that it may not be entirely accurate for the RotN series. Was hoping to get some clarification on that here, but if the info isn't available, I suppose I'll just rely on MobyGames' current info + any additional DOS releases I find via the game downloads.

Thanks again!
Title: Re: RotN games: DOS vs Windows
Post by: Renegade Implementor on 09 May 2016, 21:02
Most of the games on the first two pages should be DOS games, with perhaps a few found on page three.  The original versions of The Repossessor, The Postman Only Dies Once, Paranormal Investigation, Monty on the Norm can be downloaded from their respective pages (view game details).  Blastoff & I Spy comes with dos & windows versions in the download.

While you can use Mobygames as a resource, I wouldn't take the info there as 100% accurate.  AGS 2.31 was the final version to have a dos-based editor, so earlier games stand a better chance of being dos only.  Such as:

Lunchtime Of The Damned (AGS 2.14)
Vengeance of the Chicken (AGS 2.14)
RON 2 and 1/2: Fowl Play (AGS 2.15)
Nihilism (AGS 2.15)
Return of Die Vie Ess (AGS 2.20)
Davy Jones C'est Mort (AGS 2.15)
The Lost Treasure of RON (AGS 2.21)
I Spy 2 (AGS 2.56)
Hooky McPegleg, Pirate Postman (AGS 2.21)
Davy Jones is Back (AGS 2.30)
The Chef (AGS 2.31)
Title: Re: RotN games: DOS vs Windows
Post by: HipolitoPichardo on 16 May 2016, 12:42
Thanks, Renegade! That's incredibly helpful.