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Title: Frasier Crane: Seattle Rampage #AdvJam2016
Post by: MUFFINinc on 22 May 2016, 07:43
Hey all, this is a short game I made to contribute to the Adventure Jam 2016 competition at GameJolt.  It's pretty short and a little rough around the edges, and I consider it sort of a rough draft as I still have quite a few things I would like to do to it that I didn't have time to get done before time ran out.

Anyway, this game is sort of a mashup between the television series Frasier and the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.  The average person can probably play through it in about 30 minutes.

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Frasier Crane is a wealthy and successful local radio celebrity.  He has his own call-in psychiatry show, a posh penthouse apartment in Seattle, and a razor-sharp intellect.  However, his father, Martin Crane, who lives with him, has recently been driving him up the wall.  His dog, Eddie, constantly stares at him, his coarse, blue-collar demeanor clashes sharply with Frasier's high-brow sophistication, and, perhaps worse of all, is the ratty old chair he insists on keeping in the living room.

It's enough to drive a man...insane.

This version of the game is fully playable, although I didn't have much time to test it and there may be a few odd bugs I didn't catch.  Let me know if you have any trouble.  Comments and criticism appreciated as always.

Somethings I want to add to this in the near future:

- Music
- Sound
- Expanded animations for some of the cut scenes
- More rooms
- More characters from the show
- Add more/better puzzles and increase interactivity
Title: Re: Frasier Crane: Seattle Rampage #AdvJam2016
Post by: Mandle on 22 May 2016, 09:42
Hahaha what a great idea!

Love the show and the idea of Frasier finally snapping and dismembering his dad is just too funny!

I'll be checking this out!
Title: Re: Frasier Crane: Seattle Rampage #AdvJam2016
Post by: Stupot on 22 May 2016, 10:01
Oh I saw this on the website. Didn't realise it was By an AGSer. I'll definitely check it out :-)