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Title: Quest for Jesus
Post by: TomatoesInTheHead on 28 May 2017, 15:38
Hello folks! Long time no see.

I made another game, originally for a creativity contest in a small German online community not related to computer games.
The theme of the contest was set, the medium was not.

I just translated the game to English, so both German and English are available, German being the default language, so remember to adjust the language in winsetup.
So, without further ado, I present to you:

Quest for Jesus


Download (

The main theme is - as the title suggests - Christian religion, but the matter is taken rather lightheartedly.
The game is neither meant to praise nor to criticise Christianity or religion in general, though in a satirical manner it does the first - it comes in form of a pretended educational game.
Nevertheless, most propagated ethical standpoints, except for some of the exaggerated ones, should be agreeable in their essence to people of all faith and lack of faith, at least if you replace the issuing almightiness with nature/evolution or your preferred divinity in charge.
I have no deep theologic knowledge, so a Christian scholar might cringe at the naive mixture of different Christian, biblical or ethical statements, but apart from that, offending people was no objective of the game.
On the same subject: The dialogues contain some light swearing/vulgar language (once or twice) as well as some sexual references, but mostly not too explicit.

I used the Lucas Arts style 9-verb GUI, though most of the verbs as well as the inventory system are not used. Didn't have too much planned out when I began with the game.
It is a very short game with easy puzzles and - due to some longer dialogues - roughly 15 minutes of playtime, give or take.

I hope you give it a try and enjoy!
Title: Re: Quest for Jesus
Post by: arj0n on 29 May 2017, 21:43
Can't leave the first screen...
Title: Re: Quest for Jesus
Post by: TomatoesInTheHead on 30 May 2017, 16:16
That's not a bug! (Unless with first screen you mean the title screen or if there are labelled exits that don't work)
Title: Re: Quest for Jesus
Post by: arj0n on 30 May 2017, 17:35
No, I ment the first playable screen with the tree and the sign post.
I must have overlooked something here... (roll)
Title: Re: Quest for Jesus
Post by: TomatoesInTheHead on 07 Jun 2017, 23:28
Have you (or someone else) had any luck yet? :-\
Title: Re: Quest for Jesus
Post by: Shadow1000 on 08 Jun 2017, 00:34
Yes, I completed this game the day it was released.
Spoiler: ShowHide
eventually you hear a message from "God" and the game progresses. I don't know exactly what triggers it but it happens within the first minute or so