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Title: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 25 Jun 2017, 08:43
My entry for June MAGS, on the theme of 'Rescue', is:

Download (


Martha is getting away from it all, up in the clouds on the lonely but peaceful slopes of the Trollspitze mountain. When a quick trip to the village below goes awry, who will come to her rescue? And is there any truth in the local legend of an abominable snowman?

( (

;-D Updated in October 2017 with added music, sound and minor gameplay improvements. ;-D

;-D Updated in March 2018 with French translation option (by Christophe Pallarès / @xtooph (, start menu, and save/load interface ;-D

Download v2.0.0 (March 2018) (

Games database page (

Download MAGS original (
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Stupot on 25 Jun 2017, 08:55
Looks great, Pilch. I'll play it tonight.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Mandle on 25 Jun 2017, 09:06
Gonna play this tomorrow with the same students that had a blast with The Tresure Of Loch Inch!

Man, your art is professional level! I love just looking at the bottle on that windowsill!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Click'd on 25 Jun 2017, 09:14
Looks good, and only 1.38 MB. Wow.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Scavenger on 25 Jun 2017, 10:47
I've been enjoying it so far! But I'm stuck:

Spoiler: ShowHide
I threw the two blue cups at the stalagtite and it fell down, but I still can't get the gear. I used every single inventory item on the stalagtite but nothing helped me climb it, I just got "it's too high to climb".
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 25 Jun 2017, 11:00
Spoiler: ShowHide
You can pick up the stool from the chalet to help you reach the gear.

Glad you're enjoying it so far!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: xBRANEx on 25 Jun 2017, 13:01
I've finished the game and quite liked it! I recommend it to everyone.
Spoiler: ShowHide

I would definitely change the exit button on the gui because I was constantly pressing it to move the inventory.
I would most definitely add some mountain wind sound in the background (there must be a free sound somewhere). It would make the experience a lot better.

The game is quite polished and I didn't find any bugs or something similar. The amount of information the player can get from looking and interacting with things is also really great.

What I liked the most are your backgrounds, beautifully done!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Stupot on 25 Jun 2017, 14:42
Just played it. Very nice.
Spoiler: ShowHide

As Brane said, it could definitely do with some background sounds, or a bit of gentle music, but still it's a lovely game.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 25 Jun 2017, 15:04
Thanks for the feedback, all good points!

I ran out of time to do much in the way of audio in time for MAGS, unfortunately, as I'm busy with other things for the rest of this month. I did get as far as writing some nice theme music for each character, but my demo versions were a little too sketchy for me to be happy putting them in the game. Once I have time to do some more work on those tracks I'll probably update the game (enhanced edition!). The wind sound effect is a great idea, though - wish I'd thought of that.

Also cut for time was
Spoiler: ShowHide
a more complex version of the eagle puzzle, where different birds would appear randomly in different places around the mountain, and you'd have to use the bird book to identify the correct one to record.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Click'd on 25 Jun 2017, 15:25
Spoiler: ShowHide
I had a hard time finding the, uh, stick in the snow. I'd make it stand out more, maybe in red.

Not bad, not bad.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Kini on 25 Jun 2017, 19:32
A really cute little game. As others have said, the art is great. I didn't encounter any bugs. Keep it up! :-D
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: josiah1221 on 25 Jun 2017, 23:35
Definitely a nice little gem! The art is fantastic, just add in some ambient sounds as mentioned and you got a fine piece of work here :)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Mandle on 26 Jun 2017, 01:40
Just finished playing the game with a 4-year-old student. She really liked the eagle. Kept saying "It's so cute!".

Had a great time with the game and the lovely backdrops and puzzles that sometimes took a bit of thought!

I wish I could have visited the village! "It's so quaint!"
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: CaptainD on 26 Jun 2017, 09:55
This looks great, definitely want to try it.  My first thought when I saw the thread title though was "wow someone's remade the motorcycling arcade classic in AGS!!" :-D(roll)  You should definitely do a sequel to this called Super Hang On.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 26 Jun 2017, 19:53
Thanks everyone for playing this and for the kind words, I really appreciate it.

The arcade Hang On is news to me, Captain D - it looks great! :-D Road Rash on the Megadrive was more my era. Watch this space for Super Hang On...
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Shadow1000 on 27 Jun 2017, 01:15
Outstanding game. Very attractive art. Great adaptation of the Rescue theme.
To me the best part was the well-designed puzzles. It's amazing what you can do in a short game done with time contraints.

The two-playable characters just adds to the overall polish of the game.


Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: DBoyWheeler on 27 Jun 2017, 01:29
Really cute, and funny too!

Took me a few seconds to (I won't spoil it here) figure out the puzzles.  Just need to test out where to put cursors, I guess.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: HanaIndiana on 27 Jun 2017, 02:39
This was really fun! The art is great :grin: and so adorable.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Matti on 27 Jun 2017, 11:44
Cute game, I enjoyed it a lot (though I got stuck like scavenger). The art style is really nice and I liked many other things about it too.

I'll definitely play your other game soon!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Blondbraid on 27 Jun 2017, 16:15
It's a Lovely game, my only complaint is the complete lack of any music or ambiance sounds, but otherwise I liked it.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: AnasAbdin on 27 Jun 2017, 17:08
Interesting game ;-D
I agree with Blondbraid, ambient music or even wind sounds would add a nice touch. Gameplay, puzzles and graphics are awesome (nod)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Mandle on 28 Jun 2017, 03:59

Conspiracy Theory Alert:

I believe Pilchard and CaeserCub are actually conjoined twins!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Slasher on 28 Jun 2017, 11:05
Just completed the game...

Overall: A+  ;)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: selmiak on 28 Jun 2017, 11:31
This is a fun little game. And there I just happened to longplay it :)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 28 Jun 2017, 20:04
Wow, thank you selmiak! It's always fun to see these videos, it was an unexpected bonus when I did Adventure Jam last month too. I appreciate how you've described the game in the YouTube text...'kleptomaniac yeti'. :) Anyway, I've subscribed to your channel!

Rest assured, the fully soundtracked version will be coming, with any luck next month. It was just too tricky to get that part up to scratch before the MAGS deadline, and I agree it painfully detracts from the atmosphere. I'll post here about an update as soon as it's ready.

Thank you to everyone who has played and commented here since I last posted, it's very encouraging to read all that. This forum has been so welcoming and supportive of my first couple of games and I'm looking forward to doing more.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Creamy on 05 Jul 2017, 19:43
Finished it. It's easy on the eye and on the player, a great way to start this round of games. The simple yet charming style fits the game quite well : it reminds me of a bedtime story. Definitely a game I could play with my nephews.
Kudos to Rita, the badass mailwoman climbing the cableway with her bare hands :-D
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Tycho Magnetic Anomaly on 05 Jul 2017, 20:04
This was on my MAGS list first. and I am happy to say I loved it.
Its quite short, but incredibly sweet.

A very neat and tidy game, the visuals have such a strong style, I love your de-saturated/pastel-ish pallet, excellent delicate color combos.
The characters had so much charm with very apt dialog.

I would love to see you expand on this game in some way or another.

And of course super well done on getting it complete it such a short time frame.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: SilverSpook on 08 Jul 2017, 05:51
Great game, very tight and just enough challenge to the puzzles not to rage-quit. Love the unique art style here and the animations are all very well done. The writing is spot-on as well; the dialog feels natural, and the characters come off like real people. A rarer delight these days!

Great work!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Hobo on 08 Jul 2017, 21:35
A very lovely looking game with a lot of charm. As others have pointed out, music or ambient background sounds would have added quite a bit. Storywise it was pretty simple and straightforward. Puzzle were nice and logical, although in couple of cases I felt like I solved the problem before I even knew that there was one. Also, I somehow missed the same little thing as Scavenger and Matti.

Had an enjoyable playing experience, thank you!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: horusr on 08 Jul 2017, 22:22
A very good small game, I love the art!

Some suggestions for enhanced edition:
Spoiler: ShowHide
I like the boombox touch but I would like to interact with it. Maybe get tape out of it for eagle puzzle, I don't know

And I waited to make tea. Everything was there but we couldn't make tea, I was a little disappointed
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: lorenzo on 14 Jul 2017, 09:54
I played Hang On yesterday, what a charming little game! After finishing it, I went and tried The Treasure of Loch Inch too. I love these small games, long enough to entertain you, but not too demanding. They really cheered me up after a bad day.
Can't wait to see your next project!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 14 Jul 2017, 18:48
Thank you everyone for the further comments and suggestions for an improved version, all will be considered!

lorenzo: That's really nice feedback - thank you for seeking out Loch Inch too! I know what you mean, there are probably few better remedies after a tough day than a relaxing adventure-gaming session. :)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Gendgi on 14 Jul 2017, 22:45
Seems interesting going to try and play it this weekend :)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Atavismus on 18 Jul 2017, 18:39
Strong entry.
Better than your previous game imo (which was good).
I enjoyed playing and solving the puzzles.
Congratz Simon!
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 20 Oct 2017, 09:58
I recently had some time to complete work on Hang On. The main criticism of the MAGS version was the lack of audio, I've now addressed that with the addition of music and some ambient howling wind! There are also some minor gameplay improvements following other feedback.

Hopefully it's a more atmospheric and complete experience - I'm certainly happier with it (although I've kept the original MAGS version available for posterity). Perhaps not worth another playthrough if you already tried it earlier this year, but if you didn't get around to that, do check it out ( :)
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: shaun9991 on 20 Oct 2017, 11:39
I really enjoyed this game, nice work Pilchard! It had a really nice feel/atmosphere to it
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: lorenzo on 24 Oct 2017, 08:48
This is such a lovely game, that I didn't mind replaying it just to hear the new music. And it's a really nice addition! I didn't mind the lack of sound the first time I played it, but I must say that it makes the atmosphere even better.

I like how the music changes depending on what happened in the story. I'm especially fond of the relaxing theme at the start when you play Martha.

Both links on the thread appear to be for the MAGS version ( The link on the games database page is fine, though.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Pilchard on 24 Oct 2017, 09:24
Shaun: Thank you! That means a lot.

Lorenzo: Very flattered you liked the game enough to play it again, and really glad to know the music has been a worthwhile addition! And thank you also for flagging up my mistake with one of the links, that should now be correct.
Title: Re: Hang On
Post by: Mandle on 24 Oct 2017, 10:31
Looking forward to playing this one again with the music and ambient sounds!