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Title: Animator and artist wanted for 320x200 adventure
Post by: OverWind on 07 Oct 2017, 14:37
Looking for artists and animator for the game
Primordial Prophecy

A bit of intro:
I recently converted my game from high resolution Unity project to AGS, for the simplicity (to actually have a chance of finishing the game) and because I just like working in AGS more (at the cost of some eyecandy).

The intention is to make a game and put on platforms like Steam. I haven't given the economy side much thought. Maybe it will be paid, maybe it will be free. It won't make anyone rich, but it's just one of those things I always wanted to do.

This post is me trying to figure out if there's a potential for a good team to work with, or if I should continue working alone (at least until I have more to show).

The team

I cover programming, writing and project management, and I'm currently paying for art. I'm now exploring the idea of seeing if anyone would be interested in forming a high quality team for the game.

A bit about me:
I'm a product manager ("project leader") in my daily job, but my background is programming with 20+ years of experience. Mostly from web and desktop applications. I love pixel art adventure games, and now it's time to finally finish that dream of making a Point & Click adventure game of my own! I am patient and know this is a commitment of probably several years.
By personality I'm pleasant to talk to and I don't get mad. Even though I can't really do art myself, I'm good at writing detailed briefs and I consider myself able to see what looks good and not. (At the bottom of the post you can see some of the art for the game, which was made based on specifications I made), I also directed the voice acting and edited together the video of the intro (linked later on) based on existing clips and music.

A bit about the "team"
I'm currently officially a one man team. That said I'm paying to have roughly 40 hours of pixel art made each month, along with other stuff for the game. I aim at continuing to do so, so there's constant progress on the game.

Project summary

A bit about the game:
The game will be a space odyssey. It should feel "grand" and will take place across several planets with their own unique feel.

The inspiration for the game is a mix between Quest for Glory, The Dig and Space Quest. It is science fiction, but will have RPG elements as you know it from Quest for Glory.

The game has an intro, from when it was a higher resolution project - ( - My idea is that this will be converted to pixel art later to keep the style consistent.

A bit about the story:
Basically the story of the game starts out with a group leaving earth to colonize Mars. You crash land, and find an old Alien Temple. You accidentally awake the martians, who've been in suspended animation ever since Mars started to die out. The aliens turn out to be evil and want to take over the galaxy. It's time to stop them!

The martians are inspired by Egyptian and Mayan gods.

WTFBBQ I want to join!
A bit about what I'm looking for:
I'm looking for someone who wants to make a professional looking game. Also, of course it's pretty much a requirement that after reading this post and looking at the intro and art, that this is something you think is a great idea.

In my head what role's need to be filled right now is an artist (backgrounds, character, etc.) and an animator (could be the same person). Maybe a good concept artist? If anyone not fitting those roles wants to join, feel free to talk to me as well :)

Below is a preview of some of the assets existing currently. I want to be honest. It's very early days so not much else exist currently. But I expect the pace to pick up quickly, now the game is scoped down to being a 320x200 point and click, instead of high resolution.
At the speed my artist is working on currently, one character, several objects or 1 animation gets finished daily, so there's constant feel of progress to the game development.

Every character part exist seperately, so for example for a character there's a "torso", "head", "upper leg", "lower leg", "foot", "upper right arm", "lower right arm", "hand" etc. existing as seperate sprites. I ordered it like that so it would be simple to animate in an application like Spriter. I thought I'd be able to do this myself, but I think the learning curve to get something good is too steep, if I'm also to do a lot of other stuff (plus having a dayjob, so I can pay for the art). This is not a requirement. If it's easier to make normal sprite sheets, then I think that will probably be just as fine.

So. Anyone interested. Feel free to reply here, or write me on ( and we'll see if we have a fit and can work together :)

Title: Re: Animator and artist wanted for 320x200 adventure
Post by: Monsieur OUXX on 09 Oct 2017, 08:54
I'm not available but I must say it's a pity because that's very veryy very pretty pixel art
Title: Re: Animator and artist wanted for 320x200 adventure
Post by: OverWind on 09 Oct 2017, 13:43
I'm not available but I must say it's a pity because that's very veryy very pretty pixel art

Thank you very much! I am happy you think so, and thanks for taking the time to write it!

I've gotten a good group of applications already. Unfortunately I got a bit busy with a project at work, but I hope to look at the mails and references and then answer everyone who wrote me at the end of the week latest. :)