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Title: Unexpected at the rising Star
Post by: Ciara on 21 Jan 2018, 10:46
Help! I'm stuck in the kitchen near the beginning.
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I've made mushies (several times), sent them on the conveyer belt but not sure what to do with the control panel with the orders which I've tried manipulating - it looks as if I have to type some thing in?
Title: Re: Unexpected at the rising Star
Post by: Cassiebsg on 21 Jan 2018, 11:05
Hi :)

You don't need to type anything, unless you wish to read something out of the database. ;)

Hint 1
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There's a button and knob for each thing. Try to figure out which ones do something (and exactly what each does) and which don't do anything at all.
To finish the kitchen, all you need to do is select the correct order and then press the finish button (on screen, not the keyboard).

Hint 2
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Green order = Order that has been dispatched.
Red order = order that is currently selected.
Yellow order = Orders waiting to be dealt with.

Left buttons:
1st upper knob/button moves the selected order up
2nd uppder knob/button moves the selected order down

1st lower - Selects the Orders menu
2nd lower - Finishes the order (if there's an error, as in you there's more or less dishes in the conveyor belt than the order is for, then an error will be displayed - Only solutions is to either select an order that matches what you have on the conveyor belt or reset the conveyor - efectively discarding anything that is there into tiny little atoms of disposable trash (laugh) )

Right buttons:
lower 1st - Changes to the resources DB, where you can then type what you wish to learn.
lower last - Aborts/Resets the conveyor belt... ;)

Hint 3 (solution)
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Make one batch of mushies.
Feed it to the conveyor belt.
Select the order A3. 1. Mushies (read hint 2 if you haven't figured the controls yet)
Finish the order.
Done :-D

Thanks for playing. (nod)
Title: Re: Unexpected at the rising Star
Post by: Ciara on 21 Jan 2018, 13:24
Thankyou Cassiebsg for the hints - I was almost there!!I've now finished the game & enjoyed it a lot although I
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never want to make another mushie ever! (laugh)
I never realised when I first started playing that it was based on an episode of Battlestar Galactica - I haven't seen that series for many years but I loved it at the time.
I've gleaned that there are different endings? I did get the game over screen a few times before I finally finished with the
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dodgy mushies one!

I look forward to any other games you do in the future. ;-D
Title: Re: Unexpected at the rising Star
Post by: Cassiebsg on 21 Jan 2018, 18:32
Thanks for the comments and that's the best ending in my opinion. (nod)(laugh)
And don't worry, I can't stand making mushies again either (think I probably made like hundreds while testing... so much that at one point I made a key to jump the testing of that part... (laugh) )