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Title: Absin - An Interactive Mystery
Post by: FransisKransis on 11 Jun 2018, 23:34
I recently made a rather indie-y style Point and Click Adventure Game. It's a sort of Stieg Larsson-esque mystery with a decent challenge of puzzles and dialogue based detective work. There are adult themes but there is no adult content. I've been looking for folks outside of my social bubble to give their opinions and their critiques.

Screenshots straight from the page:



Link to download for the game:

Title: Re: Absin - An Interactive Mystery
Post by: Stupot on 11 Jun 2018, 23:47
Looks interesting. Congrats on release.
Title: Re: Absin - An Interactive Mystery
Post by: Shadow1000 on 12 Jun 2018, 21:03
I played this game last night but did not finish. There is no save function, as noted in the Readme, but I did want to check it out.

I spent about 40 minutes and played until I got to a point where the next thing to do was not immediately obvious. Under normal circumstances I would have saved the game then come back and tried different approaches but with no save function, I just could not invest more time.

Overall, I like the game. The story and puzzles are decent. I like games with lots of rooms to explore and this definitely has them. Lots of interesting NPCs with different personalities to interact with. I like the backgrounds and the music.

Some areas to improve - first, I would probably give the game another try if it would be possible to save. But I just can't spend that much time in one sitting. Second, I would recommend a setting that allows the user to modify the walkspeed. There are a lot of rooms and a fair bit of walking and I usually like to set the speed on the fastest possible, that way I spend more playing time actually playing rather than watching an sprite cross the room.

Lastly, I assume that the characters are a bit simple as an art style but I found them to be just a bit crude and pixelly. I recommend sharpening them up if possible.

Otherwise a really good job!