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Post by: bx83 on 13 Dec 2018, 18:30
'The Mystery of Cow Island'


A comedy adventure game, heavily influened by Sam & Max, Rick and Morty, and general fourth-wall breaking tomfooolery.

Positions Available:

UPDATED 2018-12-18
Hey all, looking for a new animator who can reproduce (but with their own style) the characters in my game (Julius, a sensitive english art-student, and Dr Braun, an old man and a scientist a-la Doc Brown out of BTTF).Click the link below for a good starter-guide:
(If you cant open it, you'll need WinRAR: (
Yes - the jacket, pants, orange hair, and Braun's goggles and dirty jacket are intentional. Reproduce these.

Animations for both are:
-walking in 8 directions
-talking (in 8 directions) - 9 frames (including standing potion) out of the Rhubarb lipsync program: (
Please note: for the 9 frames of talking positions, they are 8, +1 standing frames, face completely relaxed. So, they are 8 frames, +the standing frame.

Just Julius:
-leaning down to pick something up (in 8 directions)
-leaning across (waist height) to pick something up (in 8 directions)
-give X object out of jacket - passing it to someone at waist height (in 8 directions-taking an object from some one, same way (in 8 directions)
-making something - like the hand-rotate-around graphic in Desponia or World of Wacraft (in 8 directions)
-wearing all combinations of a pirate hat, clothes, and pipe (have a look at what's already been done)
-speaking with pipe in mouth (8 directions)

Just Braun:
-rising from a kneeling position (1 direction, left)
-kneeling back down again(1 direction, left)

-repairing a car ie. leaning down to side of car and using a wrench on something; perhaps leaning down into engine and noodling around (1 direction, left)-speaking, 9 frames as before, in all in these situations of rising/standing/repairing (in 8 directions).

Further animations sometime soon:
-Julius and Dr Braun have angry facial expressions - all 9 frames of lip-sync, in 8 directions
-Julius '8 bit' - like Julius, but 6 frames, 150px max heigh, and '8bit' graphics
-The watercraft animation - Julius places a watercraft (see below) on the sand, walk into it, comfys himself in the unfamiliar seating, and ends up falling into it; watercraft floats to the other side of the stream, beaches, Julius gets out, and then it sinks with a few bubbles

Some Basic Stats:
-Julius has a frame height of 350px (as opposed to character height, which is ~346px)
Braun is 380px full frame height-All animations are 15fps
-All animations must be the same height, with same body position and rotation
-All walking should begin from standing frame and move gradually to the legs-open-fully position (as opposed to standing position, and then frames 1 is with Julie with his legs wide apart)

What will you pay?
AU$3000. (Australian currency, worth about 1/2 of American Dollars) IF YOU WANT MORE, PLEASE NEGOTIATE. I have sums in mind, but if you can give me a good reason to pay more, let me hear it.

Got some tips for style you're looking for?
Yes - check out TramplePie's game Super Most Unexceptional Friends: The Cage of Sadness ( (, or play Sam and Max: Hit The Road. These two are what I'm looking for: custom animations, all drawn by an artist (as opposed to being made 'rag doll' style with a copy of Adobe Animate and some pictures for legs/arms), and all with a cheeky sense of humour.

Is there any further opportunity for animation?
Apart from 1 or 2 Julius animations, not really.

How soon do you need this by?
Latest is March 2019 - need more time? negotiate.

What are you looking for in an animator?
Someone who understands AGS.Someone who speaks English, is reliable, doesn't take advantage of my giving nature, and who delivers when they say they will - or even roughly when they say they will.

What are you NOT looking for?
Someone unreliable, who has a pretty awful grasp of English, and who doesn't repond to emails in the form of 'Hey, how's it going with X animation?' sent every month, when in fact he said he'd be done within 8 days, not 74 days. This was my previous animator.

How do I get my animation to you?
1) write to
2) just post it here

That's it - ask questions if you need more info :)

Post by: bx83 on 03 Jan 2019, 05:34
Seriously? :confused:
No contenders? Am I offering too little?
Post by: Crimson Wizard on 03 Jan 2019, 14:11
Hey, bx83, have you also tried checking "service offers"? There were some animators offering to do work, for example here:
Post by: Cassiebsg on 03 Jan 2019, 14:15
Oh, holidays kicked in and I forgot about this...  :-[
I'll get back to working on a character for you, once I have the time (probably tomorrow evening and during weekend)