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Title: About AGS Wiki
Post by: eri0o on 31 Dec 2018, 13:37
Just a curiosity about the Wiki linked in the forums here, I think the maintenance of the one here on github may be easier ( Is there interest in linking it here somewhere? Maybe some interesting knowledge from the original wiki could be migrated to that other one.
Title: Re: About AGS Wiki
Post by: AGA on 31 Dec 2018, 13:43
The current wiki is tied into the forums.  It's the same reason we host our own bug tracker.  Non technical people aren't very likely to create a separate account on a developers' site just to make an edit to a wiki page about a random AGS game.  And if we're talking about an external wiki, why not use Wikia, which is made for games wikis...
Title: Re: About AGS Wiki
Post by: Khris on 08 Feb 2019, 05:20
Since this threads exists:

when I try to edit a wiki article, PHP complains about missing the Class CaptchaTriggers.