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Title: Collaborating with artists
Post by: HanaIndiana on 04 Apr 2019, 05:08
Anyone out there who's collaborated with artists on games?

I've been working on a full-length game, and it's becoming apparent, I'm going to need to recruit an artist or two.
I've done as much work upfront as I can (story, puzzle map, small ugly demo), because I figure that will give an artist an idea of the size of project (ie. number of characters, backgrounds, cut scenes, etc...).
I haven't sketched out scenes or created storyboards or anything like that, but I could. I just don't know what would be most helpful.

Does anyone have any advice or tips on working with artists? Or, if you are an artist who has worked with game devs, was there anything they did that was especially helpful?
I want to give artists room for their own interpretation and ideas, but having things planned out seems like a good idea too.

Thanks for reading!