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Title: Talks in CPP and programming
Post by: eri0o on 09 Oct 2019, 01:48

link: (
slides: naming_is_hard_lets_do_better__kate_gregory__cppcon_2019.pdf (

Hey, I really liked this talk, even though it's c++ related, there is a lot of useful things related to naming things in code that I think can be applied to other vaguely similar languages (like AGS Script, with gotchas there).

I am reaaaally terrible at naming things and I freeze sometimes trying to figure out the right name for variables to provide the correct semantic meaning, so for me it was interesting to watch.
Title: Re: Talks in CPP and programming
Post by: eri0o on 17 Jan 2021, 12:05

I thought that the first part of the talk that describes the problem was interesting: how to provide a uniform interface to things that have a similar meaning in similar situations so that they can be treated uniformly. I understood that the goal is to solve the "how do you make algorithms and resources from different libraries be able to take advantage of each other".

I have rewatched this and go back a bunch of times googling the concepts and while I haven't being able to fully comprehend this video yet, I learned a bunch of new things about programming and about cpp so I thought about leaving it here in case someone finds it interesting too.