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Title: Typhoon HAGIBIS
Post by: Slasher on 14 Oct 2019, 16:59
Anybody here been affected byTyphoon HAGIBIS?

Title: Re: Typhoon HAGIBIS
Post by: Mandle on 14 Oct 2019, 23:42
Here near Tokyo it was extremely rainy but it didn't get as windy as I expected. No problems with the house. A bit of a clean-up in the garden and around the outside of the house.

Oh, and I rescued a stranded cat at one point and took it back to its home during a low point in the rain.
Title: Re: Typhoon HAGIBIS
Post by: Stupot on 16 Oct 2019, 01:10
As Mandle said, the wind was not actually that bad at all. We had a typhoon last month whose wind was much scarier and more damaging. And last year, the corner of our roof came off in a typhoon and it took three months for them to come and fix it. So I was quite worried about the wind. But in the end, Hagibis was all about the rain. Some parts of my local area were affected by flooding but the most we had to deal with was a small drip from the kitchen window.

The following day was beautiful though. My wife and I went for a stroll down to the river to check out the water levels and found this creepy cutie staring at us:


Apparently it's a Hakubishin (masked palm civet). I was crapping myself until I realised it is just a taxidermy.

@Mandle, well done on saving the cat. We saw some kittens outside the house a few days before the typhoon. Hope they are okay.
Title: Re: Typhoon HAGIBIS
Post by: Cassiebsg on 16 Oct 2019, 13:02
Nice on the rescue Mandle! Always saves the cats!  (nod)

Oh, I was going to ask what it was standing on and then if it was a stuffed animal (cause of the "base plate").  (laugh) Did you rescue it as well, or left it to fend for it self?  (wtf)